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3 #yyj learning & practical applications for ‘Speaking Awareness’

​Focused upon the principles of Nonviolent Communication:
1.  Friday Evenings Circle Integration
This is a small group focused upon integration of the concepts already learned from reading and breaking down Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s concepts as he presented in his work on Nonviolent Communication. 
It is for those who have an understanding of the basic skills of empathy listening and the 4 (5) step model; (jackal consciousness) observation, feelings, needs and request.  If you are interesting in slowing down your thinking and response process to increase awareness into the mix this may be for you.
 This gathering is focused upon integrating the process of speaking the principles of Nonviolent Communication naturally with growing awareness. 
Participants are encouraged to practice ways of applying these concepts directly into an experience transforming years of cultural integration that can only be visible with mindful focus.
Gatherings are from 7:00 pm. – 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and commitments are grouped into six weeks.  To find out more about how to join, please connect with Renee – renee@insideawareness.com or 250-361-7508.
If you are interested, I look forward to hearing your inquiries.  Reminder limited space.  Cost:  6/90.00
This is hosted in Renee’s office where she practices employs conscious environment techniques to create sacred space and develop an increased relationship with living foods for increasing brain and gut function that improves all functioning; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  These gathering include living infused waters and teas that are not commercial.
2nd & 3rd Opportunities are both integrative learning opportunities that do focus attention the principles of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model he shared and wrote about in his book Nonviolent Communication. 
​2. – Oak Bay


  • Mon., Jan 14 – Feb 24, 7 – 9 pm – Class Series

Learn to speak a language of peace and compassion following a model designed by the late Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Author of Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life .  Explore a four-part model  that will turn reaction into connections. Enhance and move forward in your relationships!
Class Series  6/106.00 (Code 39726)
Register  @ Monterey Recreation Centre – 250-370-7300


3.  Cook Street Village​

Mindful Communication & Heart Focused Language Development

Explore ways to simplify and understand dialogue to increase being seen, heard, acknowledged and valued. Turn the disconnection of moral judgement into ‘connecting experiences’ by learning how to integrate an empathetic response. Empathy has a role in developing a Consciousness of Nonviolence that increases tolerance and values all parties equally.

Based upon speaking honestly and empathy model of Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Author of Nonviolent Communication.
Thursday’s, Thurs, Jan 17 – Feb 28, – 7-8:30 pm​, $90 Members $95 General
Register  @ Cook Street Village Activity Centre – 250-384-6542
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What does your Relationship Corner say about you?

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Relationship Corner

I finally was able to get to my relationship corner this past weekend!  Here is a before and after picture.  This year it became the storage corner of  all the things I intended to get back too! Stopping to take a look at it last week I noticed it was a visual of what was happening in my head with regards to my own relationships – cluttered chaos!   Overgrown with ivy and tree branches from the neighbours and bamboo from along my back fence line, storage of pots, shutters and electrical items.  It was time to do something about it!  Believe it or not my environment affects my brain, emotions, physical and mental well-being! As open space emerged there was a shift from overwhelm and feelings of being choked, to relief  and a peaceful calm and I knew what to do with the white stone that had been gifted to me the week earlier! I had been wondering where to put it and standing in this corner I was reminded  of two things;  white is one of the colors representing relationships and it brightens dark corners! I am more than pleased with the results!  For me, I am now feeling spaciousness and calm!

Have you considered how you respond to your environment?  

3 Tips for your Relationship Corner

  1.  Reduce the clutter and create spaciousness.
  2.  Look at the lighting in this corner.  If it is too dark, lighten it up, or  if too light, darken it to ground the space.
  3. Check to see what you have in this corner that symbolized your relationships with a significant other or in the community.  For me, this corner is outdoors, in my back garden where the door to my office is.  It therefore not only represents relationships with my community, it reflects that with my students and clients too!  I have chosen it to reflect a zen like quality which is the element of metal . There are two silver stars in the ivy and two hearts in the white stone, both which symbolize fire, and reflect engaged relationships!

 Where is your relationships corner?

Imagine a nine square grid overlaying your property.  Three rows of three, equal in size.  Now stand on the street facing your property.  The relationship corner is the last square to the right in the farthest row of three.  Now walk back into your garden as though for the first time and observe this area and what story it may share.

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The only way to change is action

Ways for exploring mindfulness in active function rooted in the practical integration of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation
Awareness through Communication – Western Mind integrating Eastern Mindful Practice
Awareness through Movement – Retraining Brain beyond western & eastern mind
Awareness through Space  – Landscape and emotional, mental and physical function

by Renee Lindstrom

Effective Movement Posture and Awareness with Life  Mentoring Programs Available:←

 1st Phase of Integration – Getting Started (Introduction & Pattern)
 2nd Phase of Integration – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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Relationships Matter: ‘Couples Intimacy ‘

“If there are problems in the bedroom, there’s conflict!”

“If there are problems in the relationship there are problems in the bedroom!”

These are two comments I made at our 3rd Removing Obstacles to Love workshop last night!  Our conversation was focused on the aspects of our primary relationships.  Breaking it down into bite sized pieces, so to speak,  there are four areas of focus in our primary relationships that affect each other.  They are:

  1. Family/Community/Social Network
  2. Household Health/Financial
  3. Relationship (Interaction & Behavior)
  4. Intimacy

Our consideration was on the dynamics of unresolved issues and  how some people can compartmentalized their relationship issues and still be intimate while others need to have resolution on outstanding issues to have their needs for safety met to be vulnerable enough for intimacy!

Where are you in this topic?  Do you need the resolution of your unresolved issues with your partner to be as intimate as you like?  

In this scenario, I suggested that if couples are open and honest with each other and they speak up about what is important to them in the moment that this present connection could lead them to intimacy.  Why?  It is the connection that is important, not the issues.  Any unresolved issues is about not be seen, not being heard and not being valued!  My recommendations are to slow down and listen.  Learn to listen to your partners soul and your own!

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