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3 #yyj learning & practical applications for ‘Speaking Awareness’

​Focused upon the principles of Nonviolent Communication:
1.  Friday Evenings Circle Integration
This is a small group focused upon integration of the concepts already learned from reading and breaking down Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s concepts as he presented in his work on Nonviolent Communication. 
It is for those who have an understanding of the basic skills of empathy listening and the 4 (5) step model; (jackal consciousness) observation, feelings, needs and request.  If you are interesting in slowing down your thinking and response process to increase awareness into the mix this may be for you.
 This gathering is focused upon integrating the process of speaking the principles of Nonviolent Communication naturally with growing awareness. 
Participants are encouraged to practice ways of applying these concepts directly into an experience transforming years of cultural integration that can only be visible with mindful focus.
Gatherings are from 7:00 pm. – 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and commitments are grouped into six weeks.  To find out more about how to join, please connect with Renee – renee@insideawareness.com or 250-361-7508.
If you are interested, I look forward to hearing your inquiries.  Reminder limited space.  Cost:  6/90.00
This is hosted in Renee’s office where she practices employs conscious environment techniques to create sacred space and develop an increased relationship with living foods for increasing brain and gut function that improves all functioning; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  These gathering include living infused waters and teas that are not commercial.
2nd & 3rd Opportunities are both integrative learning opportunities that do focus attention the principles of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s model he shared and wrote about in his book Nonviolent Communication. 
​2. – Oak Bay


  • Mon., Jan 14 – Feb 24, 7 – 9 pm – Class Series

Learn to speak a language of peace and compassion following a model designed by the late Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Author of Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life .  Explore a four-part model  that will turn reaction into connections. Enhance and move forward in your relationships!
Class Series  6/106.00 (Code 39726)
Register  @ Monterey Recreation Centre – 250-370-7300


3.  Cook Street Village​

Mindful Communication & Heart Focused Language Development

Explore ways to simplify and understand dialogue to increase being seen, heard, acknowledged and valued. Turn the disconnection of moral judgement into ‘connecting experiences’ by learning how to integrate an empathetic response. Empathy has a role in developing a Consciousness of Nonviolence that increases tolerance and values all parties equally.

Based upon speaking honestly and empathy model of Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Author of Nonviolent Communication.
Thursday’s, Thurs, Jan 17 – Feb 28, – 7-8:30 pm​, $90 Members $95 General
Register  @ Cook Street Village Activity Centre – 250-384-6542
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