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As an empathic intuitive Renee’s focus of inquiry is on how to tap into empathic sensing abilities. Her exploration is on what can be done differently without judging, diagnosing, or fixing a perceived problem. A somatic focus is weaved through each learning program designed to cultivate personal awareness. The purpose is for increasing ease and maximizing efficiency to enhance body, mind and soul connections.

Renee enjoys an ability to articulate movement and communication behaviours, and environmental influences that has been shaped through her 30 year practice. She taps into a natural ability of recognizing patterns and witnesses; how movement can be more efficient, ways spoken word can be more meaningful, and reactions to stimuli. She can feel, see and hear existing patterns and sense the potential for new ones to increase mental, emotional and physical function.

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Founded in 2007 and based in Victoria, B.C., on Vancouver Island.

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