Inside Awareness Method of Creative Living

Increase heart-mind connections:

Lifelong practices for awareness, balance, flexibility,

vitality, fluidity & healing

Explore how to create more freedom in your living experience by restoring physical, emotional & mental balance through:

sensing inner movement

spoken word

environmental influences

Somatic is an inner feeling and unexplainable by theory based analysis

Inside Awareness creative living is a rich, body-based, learning experience for healing and growth. Programs are insightful and increase the quality and efficiency of body function, interactions and lifestyle connections. Learn how to trust and stop fearing your body and relationships.

Tap into your own inner wisdom to feel better about yourself.

Classes, Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring

Classes, coaching, consulting and mentoring available in person online and over phone.

Simple elegance & refined living

Meet Renee

Renee is an empathic intuitive whose focus of inquiry is on exploring ones potential without any judgement, diagnosis, or fixing perceived problems. Attention is placed upon the somatic experience that is woven through each of her learning models. Models that are designed to cultivate personal awareness. The purpose is to increase one’s own inner senses to create ease and efficiency, and to enhance the quality of one’s life experiences.

Renee enjoys an ability to observe and articulate behaviour expressed through physical movement, spoken word and influences in the environment. Understanding this natural ability has developed through her 30 year practice. She recognizes how movement could be more efficient, how spoken word can be more meaningful, and how to reduce the effects of environmental influences. She can feel, see and hear existing patterns and can share new ones to increase mental, emotional and physical function.

Integrating Fuller Function through:


Spoken Word




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Inside Awareness

Founded in 2007 and based in Victoria, B.C., on Vancouver Island.

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