What does your Relationship Corner say about you?

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Relationship Corner

I finally was able to get to my relationship corner this past weekend!  Here is a before and after picture.  This year it became the storage corner of  all the things I intended to get back too! Stopping to take a look at it last week I noticed it was a visual of what was happening in my head with regards to my own relationships – cluttered chaos!   Overgrown with ivy and tree branches from the neighbours and bamboo from along my back fence line, storage of pots, shutters and electrical items.  It was time to do something about it!  Believe it or not my environment affects my brain, emotions, physical and mental well-being! As open space emerged there was a shift from overwhelm and feelings of being choked, to relief  and a peaceful calm and I knew what to do with the white stone that had been gifted to me the week earlier! I had been wondering where to put it and standing in this corner I was reminded  of two things;  white is one of the colors representing relationships and it brightens dark corners! I am more than pleased with the results!  For me, I am now feeling spaciousness and calm!

Have you considered how you respond to your environment?  

3 Tips for your Relationship Corner

  1.  Reduce the clutter and create spaciousness.
  2.  Look at the lighting in this corner.  If it is too dark, lighten it up, or  if too light, darken it to ground the space.
  3. Check to see what you have in this corner that symbolized your relationships with a significant other or in the community.  For me, this corner is outdoors, in my back garden where the door to my office is.  It therefore not only represents relationships with my community, it reflects that with my students and clients too!  I have chosen it to reflect a zen like quality which is the element of metal . There are two silver stars in the ivy and two hearts in the white stone, both which symbolize fire, and reflect engaged relationships!

 Where is your relationships corner?

Imagine a nine square grid overlaying your property.  Three rows of three, equal in size.  Now stand on the street facing your property.  The relationship corner is the last square to the right in the farthest row of three.  Now walk back into your garden as though for the first time and observe this area and what story it may share.

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by Renee Lindstrom

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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