2021 in numerology is a number 5

2021 becomes 221

2 + 2  + 1 = 5

What does this mean personally and as a society in this philosophy?

  • 2021

Twenty, twenty was the start of a new decade and when calculated in numerology 2020 becomes the number four.  Now a year later as we enter 2021 it becomes a number 5 with numerological calculations.   

Number five is is exactly what we need to follow 2020.  It represents a pivotal change that has already begun emerging in our experiences this fall   A five is about being in the present moment, exploring and being adventurous.  This number 5 experience is a perfect one to follow 2020.       The number four of 2020 was all about a new operating code, 20/20 vision and 4 walls.  Four walls in numerology is the metaphoric home we experience personally and collectively. Wow, how dead on has this been for 2020?

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Twenty, twenty-one is a Feldenkrais® Practitioners favorite type of metaphor as the influence in this somatic learning practice is the same essence as in a number five experience.  In Feldenkrais ones focus is upon cultivating inner awareness  by tapping into one’s five senses to hone one’s qualities of  spontaneity and adaptability.  The purpose is  to thrive in different environments and social situations.  A number five’s qualities also are spontaneous and adaptable for thriving in different environments and social situations, and it reflects the five senses.

  • #5

This is a Master number and represents change and accomplishment.   I personally love number 5 addresses as they reflect creativity,  fun and adventure versus the hard work  that #4 reflects.  This is a welcome sign for this coming year as the global societal shift continues.  Number 5 manifests dreams and turns them into reality  Thankfully the focus of attention of #5 is on humanity!

2021 has huge potential for building  new ways of exploring this new era signaled in during  2020 & experienced globally
  • #5

The qualities of a number 5 are:

  • 360 degree vision
  • adventuresome
  • explorer
  • exciting
  • fun
  • creative
  • flexible
  • adaptable
  • possibilities and sees the glass as half full
  • optimism

The areas of influence are:

  • change
  • resourcefulness
  • choice
  • motivation
  • adaptability
  • transformations
  • independence
  • dynamic
  • random energy
  • ability to think independently
  • good communication
  • logic
  • understanding
  • environmental awareness

The focus on humanities four walls of 2020 is now shifting onto humanity itself and the focus of society’s welfare is now expanding into creation.  The universally felt life changing shift in lifestyle and direction that began in 2020  is the new journey forward and brick and mortar walls will be changed forever.

The number four experience of 2020 has been true to its essence of  hard work. Now this emerging #5 essence is creating upon this new foundation with less effort.

Support the #5 influence needs  is structure

Number 5’s need the support of structure in order to accomplish their vision and new projects.  The energies of a #5 are fun and adventure and the potential is to start to many overlapping projects reducing the likelihood of completing them.  This would be a good time to consider creating a plan for the coming year to create a focal point for being successful.  There can be ease  through goals and value planning that is laid out in a guided pattern for easier integration and do-ability in a pattern of consciousness building that taps into what one longs to create.

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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