Behavior is the art “man” has forgotten!

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy myself!   I have the best position in the world!  I watch workshop members integrate information and see change in them in as little as two hours.

In two seemingly separate workshops yesterday the members heard me say,  “If you don’t use it you lose it!” Both workshops are designed around personal exploration with the intention to increase the use of participants brains in a novel way.  One through movement to increase balance and the other relationship behavior.  We know our relationships are based upon behavior , yet when you consider movement, it too is a learned behavior!

The workshop members are looking for change and to improve their life abilities in some way.  Those only looking for reassurance that they have the answers already move on quickly to the next novel workshop.  Those who stay, do so as they are tired of seeking answers from external sources and are wanting sincere change.  They are willing to go beyond thinking about it and finding easy answers.  They are willing to explore and deepen their understand through practical experience.  That’s when the magic happens and brains mapping increases.  I see a shift in facial expressions, body posture and tone.  This is when tiredness turns into engagement, fear turns into contentment, and lack of supporting oneself turns into personal power of supporting oneself.

I also enjoy the verbal feedback that comes from participants. One of our workshops from yesterday explored deepening patterns of listening.  A practice of a simple pattern of steps was introduced with an explanation of how it was similar to a pattern used in other parts of our culture to increase safety.  At the end of the night one participant shared they had just spent the past weekend in a loving kindness meditation.  While listening to their teacher they had moments of  joyful surprise when what they heard was similar  to what they had been learning and practicing through our workshops together.

The difference for me is that our workshops are based upon the practical application:   to act from conscious action in the moment you are living the experience.  It is not a practice of  faith, tradition or spirituality. It is not the dogma.  It is a series of steps to recognize and  change behavior.   I believe it may support the art of living one’s faith!  Perhaps it is the bridge  to bring that loving kindness into a moment of action.

I know for myself  that  I can meditate until the cows come home and still my relationships interactions outside of the mediation space remain the same.   The experience is not translating into real life action.  Yet I notice that when I have the courage to listen first and then speak authentically and honestly,  the same quality of experience rises up within as when I have been in long mediation!

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy this? When I imagine the Japanese Zen artist drawing from a state of mediation and holding the calligraphy pen to draw the circle of life or the dot of awakened state,  I draw a comparison.  I know the behavioral pattern awareness and integration process  I share to be the pen.  My opinion is that they are the tool to increase skill levels of  behavioral action in the moment of living it.

Behavior is the art “man” has forgotten!

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