Who would enjoy and benefit from a movement workshop with a focus on balance and fear?

Finishing up the second event in a 6 week workshop series with a focus upon movement awareness for decreasing fear and increasing balance,  the participants themselves ask me, “Why haven’t we learned this before?” “Why hasn’t this been apart of our learning background?”  I can only mention that it must not be in our awareness yet!

After only two classes participants are beginning to know themselves in a way that has never crossed their minds before.  They have a greater awareness of their feet, legs, knees, pelvis, spine, ribs, arms, hands and head.  They notice that they are very connected to their shoulders, neck, head and arms and not so much to anything else!  They also have a growing recognition to how they may feel pressure in one foot and none in the other.  Therefore the struggle for balance.

These classes are unlike a focus fitness class designed specifically to build  muscle and or yoga for stretching.  Building muscle and stretching are a benefit of the classes.  The focus is upon understanding  the movement and focused awareness of the movement itself.  That is when change happens!

Anyone who has limited movement and breathing patterns would benefit from these classes.  Anyone who is in pain or has fear of their own movement would benefit.  Anyone afraid of falling and tensing up would benefit.  Find out more!  There are four classes left in this series that you can register for, pro-rated.  Call 250-370-7300 to sign up or mark your calendars for the fall.  A new class begins September 16th, 2013, more info at – link 

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