Workplace Classes

Customize workplace workshops in space awareness, group and personal value goals, communication & guided movement

After the initial consultation any organization will benefit with introducing learning opportunities for shifting the workplace culture.

Environmental Influences – Foundation module of workplace learning

Beginning with a view of the shared environment spaces and personal working areas to provide clarity for all employees to read the room and recognize how the environment may be influences their mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The environment of the workspace is a shared experience of all employees, however many may take this space for granted and be unaware of how it has replaced the natural environment the human body once explored freely. Each employee will have a different reaction to their personal and shared workplace environments that may interfere with their ability to produce with their best effort. Inside Awareness can influence connection to employees becoming connected to ways of becoming more responsible through increasing their skill development taking personal responsibility to reduce antagonizing stimulus that may increase stress, anxiety and depressed states.

Group and Personal Goals – Foundational module of workplace learning

The second stage of building a successful operation that has a focus on creating the best circumstances for the core hub of activity is the focus on both the group goals that align with the vision/mission statement and personal individual goals. These patterns in Inside Awareness models integrate a valuable aspect into their programming. This is a clear and direct focus upon values and the connection to one’s inner definition of values. It is a gamechanger. It becomes the core of inner connection to inner clarity and understanding of one’s own needs and behaviour. It is the foundation for speaking with awareness and listening to others messages.

Art of Speaking and Listening – Development of interactive relationships for creativing & working well together

Once the foundational culture is laid the next stage is invaluable to the success of teamwork and leadership. This is the process of speaking to be heard and listening to speak. The communication and listening patterns are simple skill development models to create a guide for personal inter-relationship development. The focus of both speaking and listening is learning to do so with intention while connecting to what is meaningful inside and valuing others messages of intention. It’s a fundamental shift of perspectives to harness cooperation and participation and to reduce conflict, anxiety, stress and the depressed states that hinder productivity.

Movement Awareness and Productivity Enhancer

Experiencing the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic movement though the guidance of Awareness through Movement is a physical, mental and emotional pattern of mindfulness that a serious student of it could focus upon solely to achieve high states of personal development. Unlike any other method it does not rely upon an outside philosophy or comparison Rather it shifts focus to every person’s early pattern of learning prior to organized learning life events that was focused upon expanding perceptual abilities for taking in information while staying connected and grounded. Organized learning redirected attention to thinking and away from other human capacities. Feldenkrais is a scientifically based model for going beyond the limitations of thinking and doing into being. The result is increased creativity, flexibility and agility in all areas of human function; physical, mental and emotional states of being.