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Mindfulness of Space

Awareness of Space is founded on the principles of Feng Shui that has evolved with the integration of advanced studies of human function, specifically body and spoken word influences.  Space is an influence in behaviour that is often overlooked.  The western trend generally has a focus on identifying and labeling the causes of behaviour in relation to personal beliefs rather than focusing on root causes to the reactions.  Asian philosophy also has a degree of separation to behavioural influences with its focus upon cures and strategies to attain wealth.  The focus of Awareness through Space is on being in partnership with the environment to increase the connection to action steps that are life enriching.  The purpose is to increase inner confidence and belonging by transforming the illusive stimulus that may be blocking maximum efficiency in all life areas.

Here is a lovely definition of the term Feng Shui that increases the possibilities for deeper understanding and connection to nature.  This reflection of Feng Shui may help to expand awareness beyond the mental habit of labeling and judging behaviours.

Feng (Wind) Shui (Water)

Feng Shui

Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move, and circulate everywhere on Earth. They are also the most basic elements required for human survival.   An invisible energy or ‘life force’ called Chi is considered to bind life together.  Feng Shui lets us influence chi to improve our personal experiences at home, work, plan and in the community.

Three types of chi:  Cosmic, Human and Earth Chi

  • Cosmic Chi or force of nature

Cosmic Chi influences our moods in the same way the pull of the sun on  the earth  and the moon on the tides.   It is considered  to be the source of abundant wealth, fortune, peace, honor and good health. Businesses with plentiful chi will prosper and continue to grow.

  • Human Chi in each of us

Each of us has our own unique chi  that has its own path that influences our personality, interactions,  and moods.

  • Earth Chi in the  earth

The Chi of the mountains, streams, valleys, plains, and desserts have an impact on us.

Take a moment to what earth chi draws you in.  Is it the forest, ocean, park like or mountain view?  Now imagine each person you meet and interact with having their own unique preference!  Each earth-scape reflects different qualities.  The mountain is solid and grounded and reflects honesty and values while water suggests elusiveness and flexibility of ebb and flow.  Too much water could represent lack of being grounded therefore a possibility of not being able to fully commit. Feng Shui principles supports balance and harmony.  If you are too grounded or too elusive explore more support through these principles.

Ways of Approaching Awareness of Space

This method can enrich the experience of one of the other Inside Awareness programs that may be a primary focus for learning, or it can be the primary focus of somatic learning.  A consultation of space can be most beneficial if a student is unable to settle to integrate new skills or unable to find health, balance and wellness.

What is displayed in one’s personal space tells a story about current life experiences.  Changing the space  can be an illusive way to change the narrative.

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The only way to change is action

The only way to change is action

Coaching available in person, by phone or on-line chat 

Coaching using Awareness through Spoken Word techniques introduces a new way of understanding differences and compassion that comes from empathy. Empathy for self and others that is more than listening or touch. It is in the quality of the spoken word patterns. The focus is to expand the awareness of the stimulus of spoken word and go beyond its restrictions in habitual ways of speaking. The intention is to create inner peace and expand outer harmony for better choice making and resolving differences.

Feldenkrais integrates well and supports:
  • Awareness through Eating Programs
  • Awareness through Food Programs
  • Awareness through Goals
  • Awareness through Living  Programs
  • Awareness through Movement Programs
  • Awareness through Spoken Word Programs

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