Awareness thru Spoken Word

Cultural Mental Perspective & Response Pattern Phenomena


In Western Culture the model for early relationship learning is a pattern focused upon a  perspective of moral judgements,  versus value judgements.  A pattern as demonstrated in words in the above picture.  This cultural pattern is integrated into the body’s way of processing incoming information and responding to lt.  Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, who is the author of Nonviolent Communication, demonstrated the difference between this learned way of processing (that he called a language of disconnection), and a system for learning a way of being that creates a language of connection.

Practical applications of Dr. Rosenberg’s learning pattern has married well with the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education, and Awareness through Personal Space.  Integration of these three specific pillars through practical applications has offered insights into the effects of the early learning models of western culture and how they can be overcome through practical skill development.

Awareness through Spoken Word programs are founded upon the principles’ of Dr. Rosenberg’s method, as experienced in his educational programs, however they are through the eyes of a Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach.  This means the learning focus is not limited to one specific introductory pattern that isn’t flexible and adaptable to the situation.  Awareness through Spoken Word introduces a way of understanding differences through the individual functional process of oneself and others.  It breaks through the limitations of rules, beliefs, opinions and perspectives using a somatic process of integration that develops new neural pathways in the brain versus strengthening already existing mental concepts.  What this means is that ones learns to have fluidity in the way they process incoming information versus the inflexibility of rules that follow expectations of outcomes.  One way leads to acceptance and resolution while the other leads to conflict and unresolved events.

Two Parts to Effective Speaking 

Effective communication is an equal balance of listening before drawing conclusions and creating  solutions.  Speaking well is an artful choice of words that in fact is a form of listening.  

Part #1:  Speaking Model

Cultivating Awareness using  spoken words as a form of listening


The Art of Speaking

    • Learning how to speak with intention when communicating to increase chances for being heard and understood
    • Learning to identify intention in what others are communicating to increase skills to hear them and respond back in ways to be heard

The only way to change is action

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Part #2:  Listening Model

Empathy Training

The Art of Effective Listening  

    • Empathetic Listening that will shift obstacles
    • Identifying obstacles to being heard & hearing others

Effective interaction is an art increasing the likelihood of  meaningful exchanges.  Skill development of these techniques cultivate conscious awareness of effective communication as it is being experienced.  This leads to spontaneous,  flexible and creative interactions that are more likely to be productive and shift all parties into working towards common goals.

The only way to change is action

Coaching available in person, by phone or on-line chat 

Conversation is an equal opportunity and  shared experience

by Renee Lindstrom

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Awareness through Communication has helped relationships in the life areas of:

  • Resolving Differences
  • Love & Intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Partnerships
  • Personal Development
  • Grief and Loss
  • Improving workplace relationships with peers, employees and clients
  • Finding common goals to create live enriching outcomes for all parties
  • Creating a foundation for learning 

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