After the initial consultation any organization will benefit with introducing learning opportunities for shifting the workplace culture.

Customize workplace workshops in space awareness, group and personal value goals, communication & guided movement.


Coaching in the workplace can include one or more integrative components of IAM of Creative Self Mastery and Creative Workplace programs. There are five areas of focus; space, spoken word, goals, movement and culture that would influence eight areas of experience for both the workplace and workers. Coaching would focus attention upon accountability aspect of adopting and integrating aspects of these programs. It would harness celebration for inspiring and motivating and regret for releasing resistance to reaching objectives.

Workplace Services

IAM of Creative Self Mastery and Creative Workplace services are how programs can be approached in the workplace environment.


Mentoring in the workplace would focus upon integrative learning patterns using the models of IAM of Creative Self Mastery and Creative Workplace. It would begin with the initial consultation, introduction of modules and ongoing integrative educational programs and guided patterns of learning.


IAM offers four programs for developing Self Mastery and a Creative Workplace that can be an immersive experience or explored individually. These four areas are environment influences, group and personal goals, communication and listening for developing leadership and exploring flexibility of the mind through movement agility.