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No house number & No Walkway


Renee Lindstrom  & guest writer ‘Dyan Grant Francis’

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

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This house sits to the back of the property.  It has a darker trim color on the peaked roof  which accents the triangular shape symbolizing fire.  Underneath the triangular roof, the house facade accents the tall rectangular wood shape. The garage accents the low square shape of earth.  The window accents the water element  more defined by the extensions and design cut outs.  The green color of the house is the element of wood and the trim  is on the  grey spectrum of the metal element.  The three pots on top of the garage also reflect metal in shape and colors. Read more on the five elements

The front is open to view by passers-by and is broken into two  landscaping styles. One a straight line for the drive and the second creating a garden.  The drive is the yang and the garden is yin.  Read more on yin and yang

There is no visual house number and the sidewalk is missing.  There are tiles to the main street sidewalk, yet where you would expect a sidewalk through the garden to the front door, it’s missing!

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

This house is a structurally bold design.  The paint colors may be an attempt to have it blend in and soften  its dominant features.   The design of the house and  property clearly demonstrate the five element and yin and yang symbology.  The house is angular in its design that is accented with the trim.  The carport and drive add to the straight line effect of this angular definition.  The second half of the front yard is a garden with walkway purposely designed to break the straight line pattern.    This creates two separate landscaping designs.  Perhaps the front yard garden is  designed to bring in balance with the drive and house design. The house and drive in Yang while the garden is Yin.

Unlike our first Front Yard posting that demonstrated a yard that was closed with no connection to those passing by,  this front yard is open and demonstrative.  It beckons your eye to travel to it and take in the view.  Imagine yourself as a guest walking up to these two different experiences; the one in the first posting and now this one.  This exercise demonstrates our silent communication  and the starting point of beginning to interpret experiences and relationships. We are perceptive and influenced by  this stimulus regardless of being consciously aware of this or not .

Looking closely the house number is missing and so is the sidewalk leading through the garden to the front door.  Passerby’s would have to know the house number in order to find it and also walk along the driveway looking for a way to go to the front door.  There appears to be a patio set under the front stairs which may indicate that the front door no longer is used as a front door and that it has been turned into the privacy of a back yard!   Read more on the importance of house numbers, walkways and of front doors!

My recommendations for the residents of this property is to stand in front and face inward.  With a view to observe the large tree to the back  left and compare it with the remaining front garden.  Is it light and airy enough to flow with it?  Does the shape enhances the garden or detracts from it? Imagine the wistful tree along the drive in it’s location.  It may create a distraction from the large mass of trees next door and create a definable boundary from them or not, depending upon the desired outcome.

I would also ask the residents to reflect on their intention in the community, with their careers and extended family.  Is there anything in these areas that they would like to improve?  For example when I view this house it represents a retreat and quiet reflective influence.  It may be these residents are retired or are creating a nurturing space to retreat to.  One future feature to consider changing may be the driveway surface to increase the earth element.  This could be effective using  an earth colored brick.   Smaller suggestions such as increasing color with plant selections and/or adding earth elements using adobe pots would be encouraged.  The element that is not supported equally in this landscape is the fire element.  Suggestion for increasing this element would  depend upon the intention, desires and experience of the occupants.

Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

An interesting example of some of the choices that a practitioner needs to make when analyzing a home or building.  Here, we can see the elemental shapes as Renee has outlined.  However, the colour palate is metal.  The trim appears to be a light shade of grey, the stucco appears to be a light green…light and pastel are both in the colour spectrum for the metal element.  The pots on top of the lower 3 door entrance are clearly metal.  When assessing a home or building, one often has to choose between shape and colour to decide which is the more significant influence.

The ‘front door’ is not easily seen however the three door entrance (which may be the main entrance) appears to be a water colour (black or dark-toned spectrum of colours like charcoal and midnight blue).  In 5 element theory, water drains metal and thus the colour of these doors provides balance to the overall strength of the metal element.  The side gate and patio set are both water as they are black in colour.

The driveway leading to the 3 door entrance is also considered to belong to the metal element including all rocks and stones such as marble, granite and flagstone.  Here you can see the grey shades of the flagstone.

The large trees at the side of the home help to provide a sense of shelter breaking the strong winds from that direction.  The vegetation in the front of the home provides a sense of privacy often allocated to the rear yard.  As this home has a small or minimal backyard, the front yard has been enlisted to provide the private seating area.

There is some controversy about which we perceive first – shape or colour.  Personally, I see colour first and then I take a moment to discern the various shapes involved in a structure like this one.  Colour and shape are intricately connected yet an analysis like this requires that we separate them and examine them somewhat independently.


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Hidden Front Entrance to Property


Renee Lindstrom & Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

*Make sure you read comments under postings as Dyan and Renee have a conversation


This is the front entrance off the street to the property.  The front walk way entrance is not easily seen by the passer-by.  It is overgrown with a large barrier of trees that have  grown to create a living fence and a truck parked along the front roadway blocks the front gate from view.  Looking at the property you can barely see the peaks of the house above the tree line.

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

The front garden or entrance to the property is how one is recognized in the community.  It is how the community will perceive you.

In this case study the story is a need for privacy and unusual need for protection.  The height of the trees obscures the beauty of the house behind.  It is not welcoming or open but rather, closed and the statement they may be telling the world, “Leave us alone!  We do not want to be disturbed.”  Entering a forest of trees draws one into a meditative inward state of settling whereas trees creating a barrier is the opposite.  It could be describe as a strong yang warrior type experience.

When I view this site I do not recognize this as the front yard.  My mind tells me first that it is an entrance off the back alley.  There is no house number to ground the residents onto the land for visitors to easily find.  The entrance pathway is blocked from view and your eyes are met with a large closed gate, a municipality parking sign and electrical wire.  Read more on the importance ofhouse numbers, walkways and of front doors!

The story I would personally put to this home is that either they are hiding or have something to hide!  To change the story and increase the chi coming into the lives of these residents, I would recommend cutting the trees to an even height low enough to show some design of the house itself.  I would suggest trimming back the trees around the entrance way and relocating the truck.  An added feature could be flower pots or boxes along the outside of the trees facing the roadway to draw attention and add color.  It would let the community know they are welcome and the residents themselves may be more welcomed by their neighbors.  If one is protective they are distant.

Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

This is an interesting example of landscape.  There is nothing obvious about this residence except the high laurel hedge and large wooden (metal?) gate that may open to a driveway.  The front yard is considered to be ‘yang’, the public space and the connection between the home and the ‘world outside’.  The back yard is considered ‘yin’. the private space and an extension of the activities of the home.  In this case we can only assume that there is a front yard and a back yard as the roofline of the residence is evident above the hedge.  The hedge creates an effective barrier between the internal world of the home and the neighbourhood surrounding it.  This would create a subtle feeling of isolation.  We can assume many things about the people that live here but there are few clues to use in evaluating the accuracy of those assumptions.  There is also nothing to indicate if the truck belongs to the residents or is just randomly parked on the street.   Clearly the residents value and maintain the hedge for their own personal reasons.

Dyan Grant Francis


If you are longing for a personal consultation please inquire privately:
renee@insideawareness.com.  Renee Lindstrom offers:

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How is it for others if you are not flowing in and out of being both leader and follower

REMEMBER if you are always giving in and going along with things, your partner, friends, peers, etc., are going to lose interest.  Boring!

REMEMBER if you are always putting yourself first and not listening to what others think, your partner, friends, peers, etc., are going to lose interest.  Boring!

Wake up

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A Relationship Out of Balance


Typical Love /Partnership
In a new relationship a dominate yin personality may let things slide.  They are enjoying themselves and expect that things will change. When the fun leaves and there is no change, the dominate yin try’s to make changes by talking about it.  They seek therapy and solutions,  or become submissive by putting up and shutting up and living in unhappy circumstances.  They may either end the relationship or live life without spirit.When a dominate yang personality starts a relationship it is fun, exciting and all about them.  They are usually not good listeners and rarely take in what is meaningful for the other person in the relationship.  When things go south they will be surprised and/or uncomfortable with hearing what they consider judgment or criticism.  Rather than connect to the message they will go into right or wrong thinking and blame others and withdraw. Opposite of a dominate yin who will want to talk about it, resolve it and move on.   The denial will turn into shock and disbelief when the relationship ends.  At this point they may be ready to work on it, not realizing the yin has truly moved on!

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Are you a leader, follower or both?

BalanceSometimes we are leaders and sometimes we are followers in relationships! If we are in balance, we are always in motion and flowing in and out of planning and action.  To describe this balance in the popular terms of yin and yang lets first look at their attitudes:  We could also describe these two dominate behavioral types as round (yin) and sharp edges (yang).

Yin & Yang attitudes

  • Balanced Yin     

         Listener, Patient, Planner, Quiet, reflective, empathetic, collaborative,         willing to follow, glow from the inside

  • Balanced Yang         

Speaker, Spontaneous, Quick, Energized, Strategist, Outgoing, strong ideals, willing leader shine from the outside

  • Unbalanced Yin

           Depressed, Withdrawn, Internalize, Hurt, Sad,
Death Wish

  • Unbalanced Yang

Aggressive, Loud, Angry, Anxious, Externalize, Vengeful, Closed, Compartmentalize, Rigid, Take ones life,

Not a complete list ~ add your own descriptions.….
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