A Relationship Out of Balance


Typical Love /Partnership
In a new relationship a dominate yin personality may let things slide.  They are enjoying themselves and expect that things will change. When the fun leaves and there is no change, the dominate yin try’s to make changes by talking about it.  They seek therapy and solutions,  or become submissive by putting up and shutting up and living in unhappy circumstances.  They may either end the relationship or live life without spirit.When a dominate yang personality starts a relationship it is fun, exciting and all about them.  They are usually not good listeners and rarely take in what is meaningful for the other person in the relationship.  When things go south they will be surprised and/or uncomfortable with hearing what they consider judgment or criticism.  Rather than connect to the message they will go into right or wrong thinking and blame others and withdraw. Opposite of a dominate yin who will want to talk about it, resolve it and move on.   The denial will turn into shock and disbelief when the relationship ends.  At this point they may be ready to work on it, not realizing the yin has truly moved on!

Sound familiar?  Translate this scenario into any situation with your sisters, brothers, peers, etc.


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