Are you a leader, follower or both?

BalanceSometimes we are leaders and sometimes we are followers in relationships! If we are in balance, we are always in motion and flowing in and out of planning and action.  To describe this balance in the popular terms of yin and yang lets first look at their attitudes:  We could also describe these two dominate behavioral types as round (yin) and sharp edges (yang).

Yin & Yang attitudes

  • Balanced Yin     

         Listener, Patient, Planner, Quiet, reflective, empathetic, collaborative,         willing to follow, glow from the inside

  • Balanced Yang         

Speaker, Spontaneous, Quick, Energized, Strategist, Outgoing, strong ideals, willing leader shine from the outside

  • Unbalanced Yin

           Depressed, Withdrawn, Internalize, Hurt, Sad,
Death Wish

  • Unbalanced Yang

Aggressive, Loud, Angry, Anxious, Externalize, Vengeful, Closed, Compartmentalize, Rigid, Take ones life,

Not a complete list ~ add your own descriptions.….

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