Hidden Front Entrance to Property


Renee Lindstrom & Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

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This is the front entrance off the street to the property.  The front walk way entrance is not easily seen by the passer-by.  It is overgrown with a large barrier of trees that have  grown to create a living fence and a truck parked along the front roadway blocks the front gate from view.  Looking at the property you can barely see the peaks of the house above the tree line.

Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

The front garden or entrance to the property is how one is recognized in the community.  It is how the community will perceive you.

In this case study the story is a need for privacy and unusual need for protection.  The height of the trees obscures the beauty of the house behind.  It is not welcoming or open but rather, closed and the statement they may be telling the world, “Leave us alone!  We do not want to be disturbed.”  Entering a forest of trees draws one into a meditative inward state of settling whereas trees creating a barrier is the opposite.  It could be describe as a strong yang warrior type experience.

When I view this site I do not recognize this as the front yard.  My mind tells me first that it is an entrance off the back alley.  There is no house number to ground the residents onto the land for visitors to easily find.  The entrance pathway is blocked from view and your eyes are met with a large closed gate, a municipality parking sign and electrical wire.  Read more on the importance ofhouse numbers, walkways and of front doors!

The story I would personally put to this home is that either they are hiding or have something to hide!  To change the story and increase the chi coming into the lives of these residents, I would recommend cutting the trees to an even height low enough to show some design of the house itself.  I would suggest trimming back the trees around the entrance way and relocating the truck.  An added feature could be flower pots or boxes along the outside of the trees facing the roadway to draw attention and add color.  It would let the community know they are welcome and the residents themselves may be more welcomed by their neighbors.  If one is protective they are distant.

Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

This is an interesting example of landscape.  There is nothing obvious about this residence except the high laurel hedge and large wooden (metal?) gate that may open to a driveway.  The front yard is considered to be ‘yang’, the public space and the connection between the home and the ‘world outside’.  The back yard is considered ‘yin’. the private space and an extension of the activities of the home.  In this case we can only assume that there is a front yard and a back yard as the roofline of the residence is evident above the hedge.  The hedge creates an effective barrier between the internal world of the home and the neighbourhood surrounding it.  This would create a subtle feeling of isolation.  We can assume many things about the people that live here but there are few clues to use in evaluating the accuracy of those assumptions.  There is also nothing to indicate if the truck belongs to the residents or is just randomly parked on the street.   Clearly the residents value and maintain the hedge for their own personal reasons.

Dyan Grant Francis


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