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Nonverbal communication – Happy Expressions

View these facial expressions and notice what happens inside you!

Imagine telling a child (or anyone) you are happy without any of these facial clues.

Now consider how you use the word happy.  Are you honestly expressing happiness because you have happy sensations in the moment or are you incorrectly using it to get your way  by saying – I am happy that you, she, he, they……

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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Value-Based Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Founder of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations since 2010 & Greater Victoria Labyrinths since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Calendar Founder – 2014 & 2015

Social Change: “Experience is possibly the highest order of existence”

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Meaningful change happens when a tribe of bodies in alignment with each other begin to manifest together.  Positive change can happen with the coming together of those who share similar connection beliefs such as acceptance, empathy, direct expressions of honesty, respect, consideration and acknowledgement.  The willingness to listen to each others needs will show up in the creation of concrete solutions for the sustainability of  life and the planet. Why? It is about growing and expanding not controlling.

There is only experience, and nothing else.  It is how you experience that is important, not the end point.  It is about the journey on the way.  You will know which community is your tribe through the experience of being enriched or drained.

The question becomes then, can you tell soon enough which state you are experiencing and move to the one that serves you better? or, do you like struggle as it is familiar, therefore stay stuck in the mud as it is familiar?

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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Labyrinths of Victoria since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Grassroots Calendar Founder, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015


Starting a Meditation Practice

A meditation practice will help you to focus your mind, open your heart and find insight.  I can personally recommend Shambhala Meditation offered in North America since the early 70’s.  Having discovered this in my *own practice I can attest to the value of exploring this in one’s life and recommend this style of meditation.  It will benefit an awaking communication and movement practice.

Examine for yourself how the tools of mindfulness and awareness can help you learn how to work with emotions when they arise, both on and off the meditation cushion.  Explore the concept of peaceful abiding that is the core of our being with this on-line introduction.  

Sit Like a Buddha Link

Sit Like a Buddha Link

*own practice – Renee Lindstrom, sat on the board of  a community Shambhala Meditation Centre in the mid-nineties,  while exploring a language for connection and movement awareness for inner connectiveness