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Starting a Meditation Practice

A meditation practice will help you to focus your mind, open your heart and find insight.  I can personally recommend Shambhala Meditation offered in North America since the early 70’s.  Having discovered this in my *own practice I can attest to the value of exploring this in one’s life and recommend this style of meditation.  It will benefit an awaking communication and movement practice.

Examine for yourself how the tools of mindfulness and awareness can help you learn how to work with emotions when they arise, both on and off the meditation cushion.  Explore the concept of peaceful abiding that is the core of our being with this on-line introduction.  

Sit Like a Buddha Link

Sit Like a Buddha Link

*own practice – Renee Lindstrom, sat on the board of  a community Shambhala Meditation Centre in the mid-nineties,  while exploring a language for connection and movement awareness for inner connectiveness

Integrating the value of Groundedness

Life Area:  Groundedness

 Pause a moment and notice where your attention goes.  Is it in your forehead area?  If not, where in your body do you feel awake as you observe your senses? Notice and breathe in while arching your lower back, and exhale while rounding your lower back. Breathe in, become taller and breathe out become shorter (slouching).  Begin to notice your feet on the floor while you continue o breathe. The pressure in your toes, arches and heels.  Continue o breathe.