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Why Feldenkrais & Urban Feng Shui?

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In Functional Integration sessions with clients our conversations often go to environmental influences.  This includes furniture design and placement, stairs and the use of props for sitting, standing, walking and sleeping.

I often work with extreme painful body conditions where mainstream western and eastern first aid strategies have not worked. My curiosity with clients usually leads to questions about their environment beginning with their furniture and props that support easing pain postures or strengthening them. Each time I find out their environment is not set up for assisting their recovery but is set up to  support their pain.  Often they do not know or connect to how  this can support their physicality to ease pain.  Culturally this has not been mainstream focus.  This is where a whole system of  relearning begins and too can be challenging.

An example of lower back pain and the most effective way to ease up on the pain to eventually support micro movements:

  • lay flat on your back on the floor (or bed) and raise shins over a prop that is pushed up to buttocks that supports  bent legs at 90 degree angles.

Often this suggestion brings the following responses:

  • I sit in my recliner and put my legs up.
  • I don’t have the props.
  • Can I ………. instead?
  • I have tried……..(some obscure comparison)

If they can calm their mental blocks to try this simple technique a few minutes a day, they experience a significant difference.  It is challenge tho to shift from fixing something using first aid type sources to harnessing that effort and putting it towards being still in a supported position!

What does this have to do with Urban Feng Shui?  Two things.  They either do not have the furniture to support a healthy back, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles and feet in daily functions such as sitting, walking and sleeping or they do not have the props to support more efficiency with their conditions.   This is as simple as standing up from a sitting position.  If you can sit and transition into standing you will not know the significance of this function until you loose it.

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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The Mask


The Mask



Always a mask

Held in the slim hand whitely

Always she had a mask before her face —


Truly the wrist

Holding it lightly

Fitted the task:

Sometimes however

Was there a shiver,

fingertip quiver,

Ever so slightly —

Holding the mask?


For years and years and years I wondered

But dared not ask

And then —

I blundered,

Looked behind the mask,

To find

Nothing —

She had no face.


She had become

Merely a hand

Holding a mask

With grace.

Author unknown

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