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Remembering Dec ’13’s declaration of Goals for ’14: Bringing Love Back

In the office organizing fall workshop, events & classes and meeting to plan & create 2015’s Winter Schedule, my thoughts go back to setting Inside Awareness goals for 2014. (defined below) It appears this intention was set and forgotten in the blur of  living my business. Reflecting and an aha moment!  Bringing Love Back and my mind goes to:

  • Yesterday, (06/23) and receiving an invitation to place a colorful heart shaped labyrinth on the lawn of our B.C. Legislature in support of Peace, followed by an offer to film it to show on local T.V. Station’s regular programming
  • Last Saturday (06/21) supporting World Refugee Day withaheart shaped labyrinth at celebrations held at Main Branch of Victoria’s Regional Library
    • Beginning of June hosting a Labyrinth Workshop and hearing how a participant will use if for resolving differences in long-standing conflict.
    • Creating heart shaped labyirnth at Creative United Festival
    • Introducing Inside love techniques  at a #yyj International Woman’s Day Event
    • Creating first heart-shaped wedding labyrinth for couple’s ceremony.
    • Sharing heart-shaped labyrinth at James Bay Community School Event.
    • Creating a new template for a heart-shaped ceremonial labyrinth with designer and placing it for the first time on #yyj’s Willows Beach.
    • Creating a new series of workshops and classes with a specific  focus on love:  finding love, speaking love and creating love ceremonies!

     Last years intention has become this years reality.  Focus has naturally shifted deeper into inner love and beauty, loving kindness, loving relationships and heart connected communities and heart focused ecology!  

    Stay tuned for more on love offerings from Inside!


    Bringing ‘Love’ Back Campaign

    Bringing Love Back!

    What is your definition of love?  

    Googling it, here at Inside we  find the following:

    Definition of love


    • Love is an incredibly powerful word. When you’re in love, you always want to be together, and when you’re not, you’re thinking about being together because……..
    • ……a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. 2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend
    • ……..a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.

    At Inside we have come to describe love as respect, acknowledgment, consideration, affection, trust, safety  support, kindness, being seen and heard, to matter, equality and mutuality, faith, believing, empathy, understanding, autonomy, independence, power in one’s world! To value and to be valued!

    Bringing 'Love' back with Self-Love
    Bringing ‘Love’ back with Self-Love

    Here at Inside the premise is that love’s quality comes from inside and is supported by outside influences.  The love one feels for oneself is a personal achievement that begins with self-value first and then with skill development to support an environment that then supports self-love.  You too can learn the skills to create an environment that loves  and supports you.  Even in conflict!  Yes you have read this right!

    Bringing 'Love' Back - Influences
    Bringing ‘Love’ Back – Influences

    When one meet their own needs for the above values it creates an organic compassion and willingness to have empathy for others.  Rumi’s quote,

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field, I will met you there!”

    Bringing ‘Love’ Back – Self Expression

    Love can be shown for oneself and others and is not dependent only upon intimate relationships.  Love is not simply between two lovers.  It is a natural skill of human kind shared with one another used with the skill of  discernment.  Vulnerability mixed with passion  that you extend to your lover is different than the love you show your children.  The loving kindness you extend to yourself and others outside of your immediate family can vary and is again different!

    At Inside the main principle is that peace, harmony, joy and success begins within one’s balance of mind, body and faith.   These qualities are only available when conscious awareness is focused upon one’s automatic behaviors joined with an attitude of commitment for making change.  Our programs are designed for learning beyond habitual understanding and automatic behavior.  It is designed for waking up your desire and passion.  Techniques are to integrate learning, thinking, communication and body movements.  These are skills for life and allow for a self-image of being who you want to be in the world, not who you don’t want to be!



    • personal development,
    • relationship building
    • marriage and partnership
    • separation support
    • parenting,
    • schools,
    • teens,
    • kids
    • office

    How to experience Inside’s personal programs:

    1. You can book a private appointment in person, on-line or by phone.
    2. Book workshops for your school, office or center.
    3. Take a group class locally or on-line.
    4. Come to a focused empathy & integration circle
    5. Plan a retreat

The relationship between loving kindness and compassionate communication:

A student attending Think, Speak, Act workshops,   a series of getting InTouch Communication,  is a Buddhist student and has practiced meditation for many years.  After a short series of workshops and a few private empathy sessions  to learn and practice self empathy and empathetic listening and speaking skills, a comparison was made with what I was sharing with their recent retreat teacher dialogues.

Hearing this I made a request to have some points written down so that I could have more clarity.  With luck another retreat was scheduled.  As promised here are some notes of how they integrated our Think, Speak, Act practices and how it aligns with their Buddhist retreat learning.

  • It is to communicate or to speak kindly, to pay attention to the inner voice.
  • Our ability to respond in a friendly way.
  • It is to be aware, knowing what is going on.  Communication affects us and others.
  • It is a language of respect.  It is sharing and opening to other.
  • It is getting to know our self better to see what is our state of mind moment by moment.
  • When you observe closely you gain insight and recognize the truth in the present moment.
  • It is training the mind.
  • It is to be able to stop our habitual response, calm down our nervous system, relax and be less reactive.
  • It is to get familiar on how do we experience our feeling and how it impacts on us and others.
  • Loving kindness or Meta fill our needs by opening the heart and wishing us and for other positive statements.
  • When we express our feeling or needs the receiver is more receptive.
  • Compassion is honesty, to say the real inner feeling.  (There are no judging or blaming).  There are not too many words to explain “compassion.”One of the statements of compassion is: “May I have ease (space) with this difficulty.”  Stay in the feeling and say:  “I care for that pain or difficult time.”
  • When we practice Metta or getting InTouch techniques the circuit in the brain runs differently in different parts of the brain.
  • The point of Metta and getting InTouch is to extend your kindness, your compassion to others around us and in the world.
  • Metta or getting InTouch is responding to the feeling and the needs in a gentle way.
  • It is helping the little self,  “The ego” to not be involved.   To see things as they are…….
  • Self Empathy is to observe to see what is happening and connecting with the stimulus without being caught in it.
  • It is helping us for a liberation and not being caught in the thinking mind.
  • This approach of Metta or getting InTouch cares about us, it is to see with the “big mind, the big picture.”
  • We react the way we react because we do not know other ways until we learn the new way of communication.  We often say and do things we regret.
  • One of our deep needs is to understand to see the stimulus with “big eyes.”  Take the problem or conflict and understand really what happened, observe, identity the feeling in us.
  • Be able to see more than to react to the stimulus, see the old story, the hold picture.

The compassionate communication of getting InTouch is a tool to respond properly to our self and to others.  To be awake is to be able to respond appropriately with loving kindness.

A final comment was that they changed their personal Buddhist affirmations (mantras) based upon having more clarity on how to achieve  success in connection to the statements.  To understand them  with concrete actions and making them doable!