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Did you know that it is easier to smile than it is to frown?  

Try it!

Happy, sad

  • Check out the muscles in your face as you smile and as you frown.
  • Notice the different experience of the two.  One is uplifting and one is draining.
  • Which posture is familiar to you?
  • Look in a mirror  to see if you are smiling because if your little self only frowned growing up, you will think you are smiling but others will see a frown!

Now from a somatic perspective smile and frown again, however, notice your inner sensations.

  • Which one creates and expands breathe and which one makes it difficult to breathe?
  • Which one lifts your spirits up and brings you into a more upright posture and which one drops your spirit with your body sinking or collapsing?
  • Now imagine facing this smile and this frown in conversation and  how you would interpret it and react to it.

Now practice smiling and frowning at others and notice their reactions.

Emotions in self:

Exercise and develop face muscles and behavior!

Emotions in communication:

Develop connection or disconnection!

Emotions in environment:

Create a cultural experience!

At Inside our focus is on self-awareness and empowerment through somatic learning to nurture deeper intelligence of  when one is in a state of  connected (being presence) or disconnected (fight, flight or fight) by understanding cause of ones own reactions.  Pivotal point of re-balancing.  This includes perception, movement posture,  sensations (sometimes called emotions) and environmental causes.

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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Value-Based Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Founder of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations since 2010 & Greater Victoria Labyrinths since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Calendar Founder – 2014 & 2015




Just changed face book page title

Sharing the techniques and integration of methods that have been a focus of study together with the areas of life that have been a passionate focus, while learning business sensibility,  has been an ongoing exploration and practice since 2004.  Combing this with this facebook page that has evolved since 2010 when it began as a passionate cry for personal and environmental change during the impact of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Fire and ongoing Spill.

It still holds this seed and now has evolved into an agent for a  larger and subtle form of change that can only come from a personal shift of conscious behavior. To mirror the Oil Spill and how the world responded, when we seek change something meaningful has to happen to motivate us to focus our attention and make the change.

This face book page, Waking 2 Heart with Renee Lindstrom, will support planting seeds for change where it really does shift the world consciousness – inside!  A page for sharing news, ideas, videos, workshops, retreats, etc., focused upon integrating change by developing our somatic skills for learning and experiencing our body’s, relationships and our environment.  A primary principle for these learning techniques is on how we focus of attention!   Like this facebook page to follow @ https://www.facebook.com/wakingtoheart


Integrating the emotional and physical behaviors into ones own image of self

In private sessions with clients there is less distraction and the benefit can be  deepened awareness of their  own behavior.  This includes clarity  of how reactions are dependent on both thinking and locked in movement patterns.    The two are locked into behavior!

Clients searching for a change in their relationships will enjoy the simple movement techniques I introduce to increase their focus.   Some will begin to alternate between talking and movement sessions.  Both these types of sessions are designed to increase the success in their progress and are compatible.

Clients who come for improving their movement and reducing pain will find themselves integrating their emotional reactions that are  keeping them in their pain and strain.

Both types of clients discover physical movement and emotional reactions are married together in their reactions.  They come to know  the  value in  learning their automatic  habits.  If someone is able to observe their habits then there will be change.

One example is  a  client who discovered one of the largest muscles in their body and that they had not been using them.  They didn’t even know at first how to engage it!    This client originally came to improve their relationship connections.  To relieve their tension and increase their breathing patterns  I introduced small movements  for them to experience.  Afterwards  our sessions began to alternate between the two types of sessions, movement awareness and talking awareness.

They discovered a large muscle that was dormant and not being used.  They realized the strain that this put on their whole body in the effort to move in any activity.  They also realized they did not even know  how to activate this muscle.  There was no connection to the brain signals.

Then came  the awareness of  tension being held in another set of muscles.  The control that went into holding these muscles stopped any ability to  engage these new ones!  The control of this other set of muscles was directly related to emotional behavior!  The balance then came from intellectually knowing one is safe and supported to begin to release control.

I love my work!  When clients can experience their journey through learning techniques their journey is more concise and clear.  There is beauty in waking up the parts that have no brain awareness!  When this client stopped using these big muscles the brain lost the memory of it.  Therefore there is a disconnection until they relearn they have these muscles and  how to use it.  If they are not aware that they have stopped using it,  how will they even know about it?

This is something that cannot be learned through outside sources and activities. It takes a control environment of focused somatic learning.  

When the education stops change begin!