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Integrating Family Values

Life areas:  Nurturing & Safety

This week explore your heart-felt longings for family in your life and define what this means for you specifically.  Are you seeking to expand your family beyond traditional borders or simply longing to deepen and/or heal your current family circle. Be willing to notice what feelings arise.  Are these feelings ranging between contentment and disappointment?


From Personal Value Integration Workbook by Renee Lindstrom:

Define Your Personal Values – InTouch Values from the inside out

Roots of Language Enrichment Program 


“When Mommy and Daddy fight”

Imagine your child/ren watching and hearing you and your partner disagree.  Conflict between two people is normal and natural.  Rather than beat yourself up and either guilt talk your child or ignore them, what if you talk empathy?  Yes!, accept responsibility for having feelings that sometimes come out in a way you don’t like!  Example:


(Name), last night Daddy and I used our loud voices when we disagreed about
cleaning the kitchen after dinner. I regret (or I am sorry for) getting angry at
daddy in front of you. I was needing some space by myself to settle and rest
and was feeling frustrated and rushed.

I imagine it’s scary for you to hear daddy and I raise our voices and show you our big feelings. Is that right? _________(answer)_______________. I bet you need us to be kinder and more considerate (age appropriate words). Is that
want you would like? __________(encourage talking).

I would like that too. Sometimes just like you, I get big feelings and they
come out before I can catch them. How about we make a deal (or I make an agreement with you), that if daddy and I use our loud (big) voices when we are feeling frustrated, that when I feel calmer I will come and check in with you to talk about how this was for you? Would you like this?


Parenting Workshops with Renee Lindstrom coming up at James Bay Community Centre and Vic West Community Association.  Go to  learning opportunities for parents .

Think, Speak, Act Workshops with Renee Lindstrom coming up at Monterey Recreational Centre.  Go to personal development Learning opportunities.

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Balancing Parenting & Your Relationship

Family Relationship GoalsPlanning your home culture to ensure more needs are met in your relationship with your partner, while still meeting the needs of the children,  is something that is not a focus in our learning and growth.  There is an expectation that we know this based upon your own earlier family experiences.  Yet, finding your self with babies in your relationship while trying to keep up your life before babies might just find you unprepared!  You may have strong ideas for how you want to raise your children that then may  becomes a burden to your relationship with each other if planning for balance is not met.  Yes planning for balance!

If you find yourself in this position or you are about to introduce babies into your growing family,  take time to plan, have goals and set intentions or become conscious of area that you take for granted now that become obstacles later on.

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October Workshop:

Wednesday, OCTober 2 – OCTober 16, 6:00-8:00PM

James Bay Community School Centre

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Create a home with parents who have a focus on relationship self-care.  Discover how you can set up a structure to keep your love alive based upon equal giving and receiving, respect, understanding, consideration, intimacy  empathy and compassion.  Spend time now to save time later.  Learn to create value based agreements and a structure to stayed connected during the most emotional, busiest and sometimes most confusing times of your relationships. Learn how to ask for what you need without creating guilt and resentment.
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Putting the “I” back into parenting:
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Visions worthy of our attention for shifting focus towards Global Unity

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Poster supporting Global Visions created by Renee Lindstrom to feature and bring awareness to creating global change that begins with personal awareness.

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