Front Door

Front doors are considered the mouth of incoming energy, or chi, to a property.  It is the entrance that is the starting point of your architectural design and life mapping regardless of what culture you are following.  Traditionally the best direction for a feng shui front door is south facing.  It is considered auspicious to have a south facing door.  This is why the red door became popular, as red is the color of the south direction!  This compass direction is taken while standing inside facing outward.  In other cultures the best facing direction differs therefore the best focus of ones attention could be placed on what creates the best flow to and through the front door!

The front door makes a statement and draws  toward it the energy it reflects.  If you have a welcoming and interesting front door this will be a different experience from a neglected front door!  Examine your reactions to  these front doors:

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A red door is considered good luck yet you would not want to randomly paint your door red!  A red door reflects a south facing direction.  Consideration to placement, colors and the elements is suggested beforehand!  If you door faces East the best color would be  a green or brown door!  White for a west facing door and black for a north facing door.  The transition directions such as North East, North West, South East and South West have their own color choices!

It is best to start with a focus on creating a door free from obstructions and to consider plants, color or sound to draw attention to this entrance.

Remember the front door represents the energy of the home!

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