Front Walkways

The walkway off the main street that places your house number is an important consideration when reflecting upon your living experience and wanting to change and enhance it.  It is also an important consideration when landscaping your front yard!   It’s placement and design is an important aspect to consider in balancing the influences of life giving or life draining  experiences in any areas of your living experience.   For example view this pictures and notice the lines or edges of the pathways and notice if which ones are calming and which ones are stimulating.

Walkways:  the pathway of your experience

Your pathway is the first opportunity to welcome you and the community to your home.  It is the first influencing factor in considering placement.  The ideal walkway would reflect soft corners and flow resembling that of a slow moving and calming waterway.  Water is considered to be an influence of abundance, well being and good luck.  The straight sharp edges are reminders of fast moving arrows that are unexpected and attacking in nature.  In Asian cultures a straight pathway is considered a secret arrow and the source of rushing negative energies.

A curved walkway would be considered yin, while a straight edged would be yang. To soften the hard edges of a yang walkway, plantings can be used on either side to create soft edges.

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