Inner Connecting

Researching information on Quiet Gardens for an upcoming post on I have come a video on the perspective of Walking as a form of prayer.

I wish to share this video and express how Moshe Feldenkrais developed Awareness through Movement® lessons.  Moshe came from the perspective of a person being attentive to their inner sensual qualities, in the experience of an isolated movement, while expanding and increasing  their awareness to include how isolated movements can expand to other parts of the body functions.  It is my experience that in this perspective of attentiveness a person may automatically go into the same inner connections as expressed through this video.

For me then, setting up a Mindful Walking Practice in my neighborhood’s gardens or on a local Labyrinth would be a multiple skill that would support the growth of required attentiveness  in my Awareness through Movement® and Awareness in Thinking practices.  It was with this focus in mind that was created!  If in Victoria it is my wish that you use the free resources of to find interesting space in our community.  If in other communities of the world, I hope you will explore and find beauty in your walks!

Posted by Renee Lindstrom, November 4, 2012, Follow Renee on Facebook  & on Twitter

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