Embodiment of Scarcity ~ Awareness in Thinking

Definition of Scarcity: a small and inadequate amount, insufficiency of amount or supply; shortage

Nouns: shortage, lack, deficiency, poverty, want, insufficiency, infrequency, under-supply, rareness

Embodiment of Scarcity Consciousness:

  • Life is scarce with limited resources?
  • There isn’t enough to go around.
  • Can’t have what you want or others will be deprived.
  • Greediness and self-aggrandizement

Behavior of Scarcity Consciousness:

  • Moralistic judgements
  • Blame & Shame
  • Fear
  • Deny responsibility
  • Demands
  • Right and Wrong Thinking
  • Conflicts
  • Bullying

How do you embody the qualities of  Scarcity?

Motivation:   Reflect for a moment about whether you are aware that you can have a choice to have the pattern of thoughts that you think.  If  you are unaware that you have a choice, consider  the motivation for your current experiences.  Have you consciously made a decision to behave the way you do or do you do it automatically?

Success: How do you measure success?  Is it through having power over others to win so that there is always a winner and looser?  Consider a moment if you are enjoying your relationships with your partner, peers, employer, children.  Reflect on your self-value, confidence, respect, fear, stress and if your world is a safe place.

Integration:  If you do not understand your process of  what is creating your thoughts and your reactions you are behaving from an unconscious position.  A position that is a result  of  what you have experienced through your culture from others.

Your thought training has come from all the things that you have been told by your first family (mom, dad, siblings), extended family, teachers, friends, peers, and partners and now influenced by what you have viewed in movies, on T.V. and now internet.  This modeling has developed your brain’s self-image of who your are based on what you have been told about yourself from others!

Some tips for checking in follow:

  • Thinking ~ Do you think in terms of right and wrong?  Do you judge others for their appearance, station in life and how they behave?  Do your thoughts compare you to what you see others have and you don’t?
  • Behaviour ~ Do you speak in sentences of scarcity  consciousness? Do you say to others that you are right and they are wrong?  Do you get angry when you hear others share their opinion?  Do you interrupt others to tell your story?
  • Action Beyond Self Image ~ Do you understand the separation between how you feel about yourself ,  what you are thinking and what you actually say to others?  If you feel worthless, like a fraud and defective how you perceive your world will be through this self-image.  Can you separate your self-image from your actions?

Longing for a shift into another choice of experiencing that includes the brain development that you missed that is if your early training  is a result of staying fixed in the pattern of right and wrong?  For information on another experience of  abundance consciousness go to Embodiment of Abundance.  

If you are interested in how to become more articulate in creating a shift of consciousness, one that starts with how to speak it to create the brain shift,  Renee offers personal coaching, private and organized group lessons.  Imagine if your partner, peers, employers/ees spoke from a place of abundance mentality.  Once of the greatest values that would be demonstrated would be respect for others and self!

Post by Renee Lindstrom, for Inside Awareness for Healthy Living October 30th, 2012

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