Embodiment of Abundance ~ Awareness in Thinking

Definition of Abundance: an extremely  plentiful over-sufficient quantity or supply, overflowing fullness, affluence; wealth.  Abundance is the noun of Abundant.

Embodiment of Abundance Consciousness:

  • Life is abundant
  • There is more than enough to go around.
  • I can have what I need and so can others.

Behavior of Abundance Consciousness:

  • Mutuality
  • Equal balance of giving and receiving,
  • Exclusivity of all regardless of age, rage, rank, male or female

How do you embody the qualities of Abundance?

Motivation:  Begin by considering your longing to live in a state of  abundance consciousness.  Connect to your original motivator to choose a shift towards abundant thinking.  What was the attraction?

Success:  If you have thought that by setting an intention for abundance with expectations of receiving it,  reflect on the success you have had of drawing abundance into your life and keeping it.

Integration:  Now consider how you have integrated the qualities of abundance into your experiences and relationships.  Has it been through ritual of writing out affirmations, gatherings for creating abundance visions or simply making statements to self and others.

We are hearing that we are what we think we are.  Simply replacing the story isn’t as easy as we would like it to be.  Thinking we are now going to be living a life of abundance doesn’t replace our earlier thoughts that we have learned since childhood, it simply adds more story.  It is the stories we have learned since childhood that we are habitually acting from.

The self reflection then becomes,  are you connecting and creating the same beauty in your relationships as what motivated you to set an intention to live as though life was abundant.  How are you and others  around you enjoying this world?

Some tips for checking in follow:

  • Thinking ~ Do your mind thoughts and their sentence structure  reflect abundance consciousness?
  • Behavior ~ Do you speak in sentences of abundance consciousness?
  • Action Beyond Self Image ~ Do you understand the relationship between thinking abundance and behaving abundance? (Behaving abundance in this sense it not    empathy of prayer, mediation and gathering together for a cause, it is about those praying, gathering and mediating and their ability to spontaneously  identify and shift their personal  judgement, blaming and demands in the moment while in every day one on one interactions.)

If you are interested in how to become more articulate in creating a shift of consciousness into an abundant one that starts with how to speak it to create the brain shift Renee offers personal coaching, private and organized group lessons.  Imagine if your partner, peers, employers/ees spoke from a place of abundance mentality.  Once of the greatest values that would be demonstrated would be respect for others and self!

Post by Renee Lindstrom, for Inside Awareness for Healthy Living October 30th, 2012

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