Pit falls of Empathy for Practitioners, Facilitators and those receiving empathy

Have you ever given empathy and the resulting emphatic connection is misunderstood by the receiver?

These questions and more are now being considered and shared in learning Empathy for Self and others in getting InTouch Relationship series of           Think, Speak and Act!

  • If the receiver isn’t clear on the differences between compassion and the love they long for, how do they interpret their experience of an empathetic connection?
  • Do they mistake this sexual attraction?
  • Do the receivers of empathy mistake this as being in love with the listener?
  • Do they become addicted to the feelings therefore demand empathy?
  • If a person received empathy in a gathering with a purpose was for learning, how do they and the listener move forward through the disappointment of not having the full focus of the groups empathy another time?
  • If you receive empathy does this mean your wish is fulfilled?

And questions for the empathy listener:

  • What is the listener modelling?
  • Is  there balance between giving and receiving so that when the sessions is over the receiver of empathy  leaves it with a solid sense of their own support and not in awe (in debt) to the empathetic listener?
  • How much nice is too nice? How does the listener detach themselves  to balance the connection?
  • What is the presence and contact of the listener?  Is the expression of their emphatic eyes and presence self-contained demonstrating  and modelling how to balance their own inner needs while holding the connection of the receivers ?
  • Is the listener able to follow the receivers lead when wanting to receive empathy and noticing the cues to stop?

Difficult questions with answers now included in learning and experiencing  empathy in getting InTouch Think, Speak and Act series.

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