‘Exercises to notice rotational mobility’

From the Feldenkrais Center Newsletter – Toronto

Simple turning exercises like the one below will help maintain rotational mobility.
Try this:

*Please note this exercise should be done slowly and gently
either standing or sitting in a straight-backed chair.

1. Turn your upper body and head to look to the right. Return to front, pause. Observe how far right you were able to see.

2. While keeping eyes still, and focused straight ahead, turn the head and upper body to the right. Return to front.
Notice any restrictions in turning while eyes are fixed and stationary.

3. This time turn the shoulders and upper body to the right while the head and eyes face forward. Return to front, pause

4. Repeat step 1. Notice how far back you can see now & the improved quality of turning.

*Repeat steps (1-4), this time turning to the left.
Do this exercise 3-4 times on both sides.

The Feldenkrais Center Newsletter 

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