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Brains and Imagination in Partnership

All the most important aspects of thought comes from that which is thinking through us.  and this process is the myth, one of the most profound things of life; it is creation itself, which becomes accessible and, in part, emerges and gives, of its own accord, a sense of direction to the human creature.  It is something with which – if we use our brains and imagination – we are in partnership.

Sir Laurens van der Post


Inside’s Daily Inspirations – Being Yourself

Seeing every moment

We re-activate soul when we see every moment, every meeting in life, every dream, every action as poetry and myth.

                                                                                   Robert Avens


Inside’s Daily Inspirations ~ Being Yourself

getting out of our own way

We have to realize that a creative being lives within ourselves, whether we like it or not, and that we must get out of its way, for it will not give us peace until we do.

M.C. Richards


Inside’s Daily Inspirations ~ Being Yourself

Creative Process

The creative process is a spiritual path.  This adventure is about us, about the deep self, the composer in all of us, about originality, meaning, not that which is all new, but that which is fully and originally ourselves.

Stephen Nachmanovitch


Inside’s Daily Inspirations ~ Being Yourself

Parenting with Empathy series notes:

New parenting series began yesterday p.m. in James Bay. In 2007 I organized 7 day live in retreat on the topic of getting intimate with living, speaking and sharing common values. Gregg Kendrick was one of the weeks 3 trainers and it was here he introduced me to the concept of being in the center of a relationship and balancing my personal needs to be more available to meet the other persons.  This was a concept more advanced than the normal concept being introduced  in 2007 of how to speak your values while hearing the other persons.   This concept went into the unconscious structure of your position in the relationship!

This concept is one I have incorporated into having parents reflect the structure of their own family dynamics.  As I suspected, a concept unfamiliar yet at evenings end the feedback was that of recognizing the benefits.

This will be a great workshop series as the parents have children from 3 to 28! This will meet my needs for learning, not unlike an awareness through movement lesson designed by Moshe Feldenkrais.  His focus was on the person as an individual – no prescriptions of one fits all!  This workshop is going to demand that each family be seen individually! This will be an interactive and reflective workshop, I can tell.

Still time to join if you feel inspired to check in and find out if the structure of your family dynamics is meeting yours, your partners and your children’s needs mutually. Catching up at the second part of the series isn’t too difficult and I will be there 20 minutes before next week to catch up some of those that came late last night and missed first part.  Don’t hesitate to join and come early to find out what you missed!  Click link for more info!