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Integrating the value of Purpose

Life Area:  Self – Expression

 How do you use this word in a sentence?  Culturally, it may have become a word that is used for blaming and shaming.  For example, “You did that on purpose!”  Take time this week to consider the intention of your sentence structure before speaking.  Connect to the purpose of what you wish to say before speaking from habit and being disconnected. 

Integrating the value of Uniqueness

Life Area:  Autonomy

 A learning feature humans are born with is the power of observation and comparison.  When baby watches mom and dad move and listens to them speak,  baby then begins to duplicate what they are observing and hearing.  This is the stage before ego development.  Parents model what baby learns.  Ego driven comparison judgments are learned from mom and dad’s culture and begins as baby starts understanding sentences.  Once a day stop and notice your  self comparisons this week.

Integrating the value of Water

by Renee Lindstrom

Sun Infused Water

Life Area:  Survival

 Biologically speaking, water is critical for the proliferation of life.  All known forms of life depend on water.  How connected are you to your water source?  This week notice the amount of water that is a part of your day by drinking, washing and watering.  A few times this week reflect upon not having easy access to this resource. If you were not able to have a supply of water what needs of yours would no be met?

Integrating the value of Food

Life Area:  Survival

 Imagine a time when you  could not eat for an extended period of time.  Sense the quality of feelings that come up for you.  As you experience these feeling, consider how you would feed yourself if you didn’t have any resources.  World hunger is considered violence.  Take a moment and consider your level of patience and ability of being present when you are hungry. 

Integrating the value of Patience

Life Area:  Interdependence

 By practicing patience we can respond rather than react, and by doing so, stay centered and at peace.  Patience begins within one’s own mind by being at peace with mind stories.  This week make a practice of spending 5 minutes, twice a day to notice your thoughts without acting on them.  Commit to remaining silent and still while noticing how they travel through your mind or change when you don’t act upon them.  

:from getting InTouch 2013 Calendar by Inside Awareness for Healthy Lifestyles – Integrating Universal Values for Social Change


Integration of the value of Understanding

Life Area:  Interdependence

This week notice if you habitually react to whatever is said to you without pausing first to process what you are hearing.  When you are told something or asked a question, is the response automatic and if so, sometimes do you find yourself not in alignment with what you have just said?  Not your true self?  Begin to notice these moments when they happen to build a practice of observing yourself.  This is your habitual behavior reaction.  Take one of two and write out what you would have liked to do differently.

Integrating the value of Healing

Life Area:  Self Expression

 Healing begins with self connectedness.  Our culture has taught us to go outside of ourselves to be healed by sources other than ourselves.   Time will be spent seeking quick fixes through others in positions of authority.  Check in this week and notice if you are still seeking or if you have come to a point of longing for change.  Balance the needs you have for having someone tell you what you should be doing versus the needs you have for being your own learning guide.