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Last week and tip #1 was about learning to read others:  

  • Practice of observing the posture in others and their tone of voice as they speak.  Consider the state of their emotions and the story they are telling themselves.
This weeks tip #2:
  • Now notice how the body and spoken language of others affect you.  Begin to explore how they  influence your thoughts in either a negative or positive way.  Notice if your reaction is to stay open with understanding or do you close off and dismiss their contribution?  What is your body language?  
This week notice your body language, comfort level  and thoughts that arise with your employees, peers and clients. Ask yourself, “How am I being influenced by ………..?
  • Observe your tone of voice, body stance (soft and comfortable or rigid and controlled) 

All skilled, influence-empowered people harness their own behavior first.

Step three ~ coming next week

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Tip for connecting:

Learning to differentiate your thoughts. Purpose: to notice the source of your actions. Reason: Not everyone has the same past as you so cannot fit into your perspective! If you want to connect (rather than have conflict) it is important to notice the difference between your automatic response based on old stories  and what is happening in the “now” ~  present moment.