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Renee Lindstrom  & Guest Writer ~ Dyan Grant Francis

  • Observations Written by Renee Lindstrom,
  • Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom &  Dyan Grant Francis individually

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This is a tiny earth shaped house on a corner lot.  The front door projects out from the main house design.  A second projection on the side of the house may be creating a missing corner in the floor plan.  The peaked roofs are the shape of the fire element and the white trim is metal.  The brown and yellow of the house are earth colors.   The windows represent water.  This highlighted rectangular shapes in the door and window shutters represent wood. The mail box is metal, the house number is prominently displayed and there is a light on either side of the front door.  The front steps are adobe red brick.  Sculptured trees are featured in the landscaping.  

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Personal Perspectives by Renee Lindstrom

The front door is a feature in the design of this house and considered an enhancement.  I  find it  curious that  the plants have been allowed to grow over the front walkway eliminating the pathway to it.  The steps up to the front door  are a welcoming red,  yet not visible.  To get to these steps one must walk up the driveway, turn onto a smaller path to walk along the front of the house and past the windows.   The side pathway is not accented and not easily noticeable.  The house number is displayed enhancing the front door feature and there is  balance  provided by  the lite on either side of it.  This balance is extended to  the plantings on either side of the original front walkway.

This cute house is well cared for and inviting until your eye travels to the the confusing walkway.  It could represent the residents need for privacy and less attention, yet the design draws attention!  When considering the five elements the landscaping and house elements are warming and leans toward the 5 element nurturing cycle.   Fire over earth in design with metal features and well balanced windows representing water.  The featured rectangular shapes on the door and window shutters, and the landscaping draws in the wood element.

The front door enhancement is in the placement of helpful people and career areas while the missing corner reflects the area of spiritualism or higher knowledge.  The overgrown front sidewalk could reflect an attempt to slow down these areas from too much activity,  or now, with the overgrow the experience could be stagnation in these areas.  This house number adds up to a 4 and reflecting on the meaning of this house number which in numerology represents hard work, organization, predictability and being conventional.  It is a masculine number and represents hard edges not unlike the appearance of the number itself and this house!  This house number represents order, tidiness, straight lines, sharp edges and control.

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                                                          Renee Lindstrom

Personal Perspectives by Dyan Grant Francis

Front Yard entrance to property

This appears to be a well kept property with little clutter or overgrown vegetation.  The front door is obvious and a prominent feature of this house because of it’s slight projection from the basic shape.  Without accurate measurements however, it is difficult to say if this projection creates a ‘missing corner’ which needs to be corrected. In this case, the bushes and trees have the effect of creating a more unified front aspect to this house even if their placement does not accurately define the corner..

A straight sidewalk leading to the front door would create a ‘secret arrow’ of rushing sha (negative energy) directed from the busy roadway to the centre of this house.  The plantings and re-configuration of the walkway help to minimize the impact.  The optimum would be to have a winding pathway leading to the front door.  This can be done with curved flower beds on alternating sides of the straight sidewalk however the residents have chosen to move the sidewalk entrance.

Regardless, the choice of paint colours and topiary shrubs bring swift attention to the front door creating some confusion.  This attention would have been amplified without the changes in the entrance to the property.  Not knowing the intention of the owners, one can only surmise about their desired outcome.

The earth features of this house – yellow ochre paint and low flat aspect give it a grounded feeling which is somewhat at odds with the prominent wood shapes, like tree trunks, on the front door and the rectangular windows.  The wood and earth elements are in conflict in the diminishing cycle of the 5 elements.  The addition of a strong fire element would bring the two into the nurturing cycle of wood – fire – earth and bring a more balanced sense to this house.

When identifying shapes in the landscape, it is important to have guidelines but also to be aware of you preferred perception.   For example, the square (earth) and the rectangle (wood) are both shapes with 4 sides and right angled corners, however

–   A rectangle has right angle corners, with opposite sides being parallel and equal in length

  • A square has right angled corners with opposite sides being parallel and all four side being equal in length.

These have been made more prominent by the use of the contrasting white paint increasing the diminishing cycle of these elements.

To have a calm and nurturing home it is desirable to increase the harmony and balance in your surroundings through the use of colour, shape and placement.

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