The Meaning of House Numbers

House numbers reflect the experience of the property.  If you have a street number and a unit number the street number is the pathway and the unit number is the personal experiences.  To study the essences or qualities of numbers we turn to numerology, an ancient study of numbers.

A simple interpretation of numbers:


  • new beginnings, independence, one with life, individuality, self-development, creativity,  progress


  • duality, balance of yin & yang, attraction, polarities, couples, opposites


  • body, mind & spirit,  communication, expression, optimism, fun, creativity


  • security,  foundation, 4 directions, 5 elements, discipline, productivity, organization, work & service


  • freedom, passion, change, curiosity, fun,  excitement, adventurous & impulsive


  • home, love, children, beauty, the arts, generosity, nurturing & caring


  • inner life, 7 chakras, mysticism, religion, spirituality, rituals, ceremony, contemplation, solitude & meditation


  • physical power, material prosperity, leadership & abundance.


  • completion, selflessness, humanitarianism, wisdom and compassion.

How to find out your house number

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