How does your environment support the change you want to be in the world?

  • Have you ever considered that your environment supports who  you want to be?
  • How would your environment be a metaphor of your experience?
  • If you changed your environment would it make your goals easier to keep?

Find out how you can create the environment to keep the goals you want to achieve in our upcoming November workshop on Setting Goals and keeping them.

Location:  Monterey Recreation Centre – Oak Bay – sign up on-line, by phone (250-370-7300)   or in person at 1442 Monterey Avenue

Saturday, November 30 – 10:00 a.m. – noon

Importance of our Front Door

‘Find out more on the Importance of our Front Doors in making change’

Renee began to recognize the connection between environment and relationships when she had a design consultation business in the mid nineties.  On consultations she noticed how the environment told the story of the person, couple, family or organization.  There was a noticeable connection in the story, motivation, confidence, empowerment and success.  Find out how to begin to maximize your own story for future success.

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