Mindfulness in Movement

Mindfulness in Movement follows a principle of the Feldenkrais® Method. (Somatic Movement Education Method)   This is learning to focus on slowing down, pausing and beginning to recognize something different within yourself and your movement patterns.   If we compared it to a practice like yoga it could be described as becoming aware of the movements leading up to the pose, not the finally pose itself.  The difference is the inclusion of the senses; how you hear, sense and translate information to learn your own patterns of movement versus being shown or holding the final pose.  In a guided meditation walk or labyrinth walk you are given the posture and path way to focus your journey in.  Mindfulness in Movement focus’ your attention and gives you options which gently guides you to becoming conscious of your unconscious habits.  It is a waking up of body parts and functions based upon the unique design of our body, mind and sensing functions.

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Upcoming Workshops


  • TUES,  JAN 7 – FEB 25 6:45 PM – 7:45PM

LOCATION:  Victoria  West Community Centre

  • 521 Craigflower Road
Increase vitality, well-being and sensual perception using mindful meditative qualities and body movement awareness.  Benefits include: increased organic breathing patterns , flexibility, quieter nervous system and groundedness.  Renee Lindstrom 8/$60
REGISTRATION @ 250-590-8922
Other Somatic Movement Workshops for the fall:

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