Is your learning style the same as your partners? your children? your bosses? Or are you aware that each of us has a different learning style?

Will you be surprised to read the learning styles follow our senses and abilities for reasoning and making sound?  Did you know that we will have one primary characteristic combined with varying percentages of  the others?  Each of us different.

How then do we communicate to connect if we our base learning style is feeling/touch and our partner is logic?  We would like to talk about our feelings and our partner would like to analyse them!  Connection?, possibly not!

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Hearing
  • Feeling/Touch
  • Logic

I wonder then about taste!   Is it time  to begin considering this as a learning style?  It is an unconscious form of teaching in our culture today yet not recognized.

Add to this our own balance of social  and solitary preferences into our relationships with our partners, children and at work.  If you are doing a group project and not feeling comfortable in your group do you experience growing feelings that you don’t belong?  Could understanding that you prefer to work alone change your behavior and those around you?  What if you like to socialize and your partner doesn’t?  At the beginning of the relationship you may meet their needs for being alone thinking it is romantic and not simply a preference to meet their needs, not yours.  Without recognizing this, it could be the pattern in your future  together!  How long before you would become resentful?    I imagine it starts even before the heat of the romance come down a few temperatures!

Learning styles was included in this weeks (Oct 17) Parenting with Compassion workshop series and will be included in Introducing Language of Empathy, Think, Speak, Act Series starting October 20th.

Still time to register for both ~ @ James Bay Community Center – 250 – 389 – 1470

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