Feldenkrais® Method Research

Studies identified increased flexibility through the use of Awareness Through Movementclasses. In a study of neck flexion in normal subjects, a significant increase in the amount of flexion after a single one-hour class was shown, as well as significant positive changes in muscular activity in the trunk.

Ruth, S., Kegerreis, S. Facilitating Cervical Flexion Using Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement. JOSPT Vol 16 No 1: July 1992.

Brown, E., Kegerreis. Electromyographic Activity of Trunk Musculature During a Feldenkrais Awareness Through MovementLesson. Isokinetics and Exercise Science Vol 1 No 4, 1991.


Feldenkrais®, Feldenkrais Method®, Functional Integration®, and Awareness Through Movement®, are Servicemarks of The Feldenkrais Guild®

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