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Feldenkrais® Method Research

Studies identified increased flexibility through the use of Awareness Through Movementclasses. In a study of neck flexion in normal subjects, a significant increase in the amount of flexion after a single one-hour class was shown, as well as significant positive changes in muscular activity in the trunk.

Ruth, S., Kegerreis, S. Facilitating Cervical Flexion Using Feldenkrais Method: Awareness Through Movement. JOSPT Vol 16 No 1: July 1992.

Brown, E., Kegerreis. Electromyographic Activity of Trunk Musculature During a Feldenkrais Awareness Through MovementLesson. Isokinetics and Exercise Science Vol 1 No 4, 1991.


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May Newsletter

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High Heel Fitness the Feldenkrais® Way

Arriving with our heels and measuring them the highest was four inches and the lowest three inches!  Earlier dusting off my heels I recognized a feeling of excitement,  appreciation and a sense of pure pleasure.  Now others coming shared their needs for fun and confidence in beginning to wear heels again and some for the first time. 

The class developed feet awareness and toning and moved into increasing whole body movement releasing the body into a sashay.  A sashay that makes walking in four inch heels easier, lighter and more natural.  Stiff legs and gripping toes gone and  what emerged was a confident stride that was beginning to master the art of walking in high heels.