Did you know “Fear” can be stimulated by triggers learned over a lifetime of experiences?

  • Did you also know that fear can be un-learned?
  • Did you also know that physical triggers (habitual movements) can stimulate your fear without you being conscious of it?  Things that you wouldn’t normally be afraid of become stimulus to frighten you.
  • Have you considered that mental triggers (personal thinking process)  can also stimulate your fear reactions without your being conscious of it?
  • Fear can be a reaction from past experiences being projected into your expectations of the future!
Rather than seeking  quick fix and ignoring the root source find out more about how you can learn to replace fear with self-support and learn skills to be present more of the time.  
Contact Renee today if you would like to explore natural ways to improve the quality of your own personal way of reacting and experiencing behaviors for improving relationships, sleeping, pain levels, reducing stress and more.
Contact information – renee@insideawareness.com or 250-361-7508

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