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Nothing can replace nature in bringing you into inner peacefullness

Over the Easter weekend we visited #yyj’s Woodwynn Farms Peace Garden.  My friend and I  had gone the year before to celebrate her birthday and to meet the artists, Deryk Houston and his partner Elizabeth Wellburn.  Now we made another day of it that started by driving out into the country in a convertible.    Our first real sun of the year made it more enjoyable and added to the carefree experience.  I had two intentions for the day, one to celebrate my friends birthday in this way for a second year and to experience the meditation nest that Deryk had just installed into this acre garden.

The sitting nest!   A spiral in to the center that has a beautiful bench to sit on facing a scenic horizon.  Sitting down is this space can only be described as being at peace.  A perfect reflection on how our space can create and experience.


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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Value-Based Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Founder of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations since 2010 & Greater Victoria Labyrinths since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Calendar Founder – 2014 & 2015


Peace Pal International Children’s Ambassador of Peace Art Exhibit

On Display at Little Fernwood Art Gallery,    Fernwood Avenue until Sept 13, ’15,  in conjunction with Puppets for Peace Celebration  – located at Bay Centre 3rd Floor!

Excited to set this up with local artist Kristi Bridgeman this past week.  Kristi’s arrangement of art work is expressive and designed to have the appearance of prayer flags!

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Renee Lindstrom of Inside Awareness has been participating in two International Communities bringing Peace Education & Awareness to Children and Adults in her local communities since 2010.

Collage of Body &  Mindfullness Awareness Connections in the Community for May, ’15:

BeFunky Collage May

#peace focus @ earth festival, stroll of 6 local labyrinths on World Labyrinth Day – We walk as one focus and Hands Across the Sands/Lands!

4th Annual Creatively United for the Planet Festival – English Inn

April 25 & 26, ’15

Sharing booth with Canadian Peace Initiative 


Hosting display of  International children’s art exhibit for #yyjpeace:

Peace Pal International Ambassador  2015 Exhibit

Labyrinth Poster 3

Sharing  Labyrinths of Greater Victoria event:

World Labyrinth Day, Greater Victoria Labyrinth Stroll – May 2nd, ‘ 15

Qualities of Peace in Feminine Leadership

Qualities of Feminine LeadershipInside Awareness is hosting Qualities of Peace in Feminine Leadership Dialogues on behalf of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations.  (#yyjpeace.com)  Our first one was held on March 8th, International Women’s Day.  In our first gathering the *qualities that emerged where;  inner leadership and belonging,  and the *values where;  belonging and acceptance.

Seven qualities of Feminine Leadership that came up in yesterday’s discussion are:

  • ‘Leaders are talking about peace but mostly not behaving or speaking peacefully.’  
  • Accepting our gender, acknowledging our differences and naming the leadership qualities particular to us.  Some examples; capacity for empathy, caring, nurturing and understanding emotions.
  • Recognize each of us has something to offer even when you are locked into a specific cultural belief system and start by being friends first and explore our differences.
  • Be present to the immediate need and take responsibility for changing it.  Stop talking about it  and do something! 
  • Change starts at home first to build a foundation of leadership that secures our future evolution.
  • Stop giving in just because it is  expected of you, but rather, begin to express your needs in a way that others would want to hear them and contribute to meeting them.
  • Listen to each member in the community before making decisions so the decision includes everyone’s voice.

These dialogues are challenging and they are nurturing growth and planting seeds!  They will be continued if your are interested in joining us.  If you are interested in creating a talking circle focused upon leadership in your school, business or organization contact us here at Inside to get started.   

*qualities – for this purpose the meaning of qualities is a behavior or characteristic
*value – for this purpose the meaning of value is the point of need that can be our point of connection and understanding

‘Peace Sayings for the Office’


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Entering the Century of Dialogue

Universal Intention - accepting the challenges of today and taking action

Universal Intention – accepting the challenges of today and taking action

A historic event was unfolding over Peace Weekend, Sept 20 & 21 ’14. The Dali Lama gathered the 9 religion’s of India together to discuss secular ethics and the environment of the world!

The Dali Lama declared the this Century the Century of Peace and how to achieve it – a Century of Dialogue!

Renee of Inside  was inspired to create this image as she listened to the plenary sessions of this historic gathering. The leaders of the nine religions in India gathering together for a dialogue. What Renee heard from these leaders was in tune with her philosophy and life’s passion. Peace will only come through mindful dialogue. The three things she enjoyed hearing from these sessions was: 1. We are all the same. there is no difference between us. 2. We all need two things, grain and clean water. 3. If the water is polluted??????, If there is no grain??????

Inside perspective of  why does a century of peace depend upon a century of dialogue?  

Peace comes from learning how to build a friendship based upon trust. Good friends are ones that have experienced you as trustworthy.  Bad friends are ones who have learned not to not trust you through experience. What determines trustworthy behavior?  Ethical behavior based upon shared values.

Values are universal and shared by all people.  We are  all the same and  we share the  same qualities of  human function.  These qualities are the four aspects of self;  mental, emotional, physical  and belief.  We all have the same needs for relationships,  survival and happiness and are entitled to achieve happiness in our life.  We are all entitled to relationships built upon respect and equality.

How can we create a culture of ethical behavior?  Through education, practice and commitment.  It begins with accepting the challenge and taking action.  It is only through personal change that one can be the change they want to see in the world.

A great starting point is learning a vocabulary of values.   Inside value programs are designed to start where you are and available for personal development, for the office, organization and education institution.  They are available for both adults and children.

 Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Labyrinths of Victoria since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Grassroots Calendar Founder, Vice-Chair of World Children’s Summit on Peace & Nature in 2015


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