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Language of Nature: 5 Element Shapes

Human learning intelligence began with nature and association.  Sacred geometry, letters, shapes, symbols, math, musical notes and more began with nature shape association.

five elements - shapes

five elements - shapes destroying cylce

See examples of five elements from Renee’s garden

Language of Nature with 5 element perception

Introducing the 5 elements through the lens of landscape this past week deepened the realization of how these elements are culturally integrated into the perspectives of some eastern cultures.  This is not reflected so much in our Western Cultures and is a learning curve. Reference to elements is even made in professional assessment reports and their cycles in the east.  Also an eastern physicians will assess patients based upon characteristics of the 5 elements.

Here  are some examples of these elements through the shapes and colors from my garden:

BeFunky Collage Wood 2

BeFunky Collage - FireBeFunky Collage Earth


BeFunky Collage - Water 2

Join us June 10th to discover more about Nature in Harmony and Disharmony!

View more element landscape pics 

Labyrinth Educational Workshop for Children

#peacefocus & #earthfocus in schools! Labyrinth Workshop @ Brentwood Bay Elementary during World Children Summit on Peace and Nature event in May, ’15.  Explored labyrinth petrogylphs, designs, leadership in walking a labyrinth that reflects universal values and emotions from met and unmet needs. Introduced universal values with Ambassador of Peace Pictures, 86 children from 86 countries art on peace.   Favorite labyrinth – fingerprint!


Collage of Body &  Mindfullness Awareness Connections in the Community for May, ’15:

BeFunky Collage May

#peace focus @ earth festival, stroll of 6 local labyrinths on World Labyrinth Day – We walk as one focus and Hands Across the Sands/Lands!