What energy are you feeding your new COVID lifestyle?

Are you curious enough to consider which energy you are feeding? 

Culturally there is a global shift taking place

This global shift needs a focus of our attention that goes beyond the basic considerations for humanity introduced in our earlier post, Contrary to popular sentiments, life will not return to pre-covid experiences.  Going beyond these basics of COVID reactive behaviours could be an actively considering which  monkey one is feeding.  Is it the monkey that is open to the listening and understanding the differences among us to increase inclusiveness of all needs  and not those of just one person?  Or, is it the monkey of only one unique perspective and opinion.  One is an open system the is flexible and resilient and the other is a closed system that is rigid.  One is life rewarding and the other life draining.

Are you open to co-creating and re-building a new cultural structure for these times or will the same old pre-COVID cultural behaviours still apply to you?  Those old conflict making behaviours that eliminate listening to others perspectives because you already know the answers before hearing their input.

The status quo of behaviour pre-COVID  was created through the modelling of leadership.  Political and corporate leaders and trends.  These elements of leadership have an agenda of control that excludes co-creation through its very nature and existence.  The focus is on having followers not innovators.

Moving forward through leadership that includes the best cultural experience for all into consideration  begins within each of us individually.  It starts from the inside out and transforms habits of thinking about what’s wrong with what is  outside (with others and circumstances) and focuses attention on an inner question and observation of who we in the moment.  How often have you noticed behaving the very same way you may have hated in others,  or do you observe things in others but not in yourself?

What self leadership intentions have you applied to yourself for this COVID transformational year ahead?

The coming year, 2021 starts without the distraction of travel, community socializing, external career moves, spiritual and educational travel, visiting family and outside entertainment.  It does however have the opportunity  to transform these  external distraction into  intimate and  meaningful self-discoveries.

  • if we long to be healthy
    • is this reflected in physical patterns of movement and nutritional values for our individual body parts, through conversations in our relationships, and in our behaviour in the environment

This example of  what it is to self-discover one health is at the core of our experiences and it is the foundation to our reactive nature.  Our outside experience is a reflection of what is going on inside.  It controls our active thought patterns, our movement, emotions and perspective.  Change out inner and our outer will be actively different.  The first step is to learn about yourself in a way that is progressive and in the moment, and not focused on the past.

One cannot live in the past at the boardroom table making decisive choices for influencing today’s success.

One cannot live in the past when in the active experience of responding to their child in the moment and achieve a bond.

One cannot live in the past in the midst of connecting intimately with their partner and achieve a vulnerable connection.

What if 2021 included learning systems that are in the moment actively mindful.  Cultivating awareness through lessons that guide one through practical steps to increase hope, connection and that can be integrated as they focus on autonomy and the true experience in the moment.  This means acceptance through  inclusion of what’s right for you and what’s right for me without diagnosis, analysis and moral judgements.

The only way to change is action

Ways for exploring mindfulness in active function rooted in the practical integration of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation
Awareness through Communication – Western Mind integrating Eastern Mindful Practice
Awareness through Movement – Retraining Brain beyond western & eastern mind
Awareness through Space  – Landscape and emotional, mental and physical function

by Renee Lindstrom

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 2nd Phase of Integration – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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