Contrary to popular sentiments, life will not return to pre-covid experiences

After 10 months of COVID experiences there is a new normal  

Some new behaviours have been created in the 10 months of COVID regardless of one’s beliefs.  New habits have been created in those who actively socially distanced and wore masks.  For those who wore them it has now become second nature, while it continues to be  a source of conflict for those who have resisted these safety measure .

These differing perspectives have divided  community members and nurtured deeper separation amongst us.  Two simple measures that  began as personal courtesies quickly became enforced rules.  This has divided family, friends and community members.

Some of us are relieved by these two simple measures as it meets our needs for safety and freedom, while it doesn’t meet the needs for autonomy and freedom for some.  Our differences can separate us or bring us together.  This following example demonstrates how it has separated us.

In recent news out of Vancouver there was a story of a Policeman’s leg being broken by someone refusing to wear a mask.  This is ten months into COVID.  Imagine the rage this person has harboured inside for the past 10 months!


While a part of our community has struggled with staying at home and adopting new safety measures, others have pivoted and emerged as innovators.   COVID  has caused businesses to shut down while some great new ideas for businesses has emerged.  New leadership has surfaced to support the community or accidently led to successful  makeovers.  One great example is at local news station, Chek News.  The sports and weather announcers had to pivot and go out on the road which has not only been successful for them, it has supported the community in a way that could not be predicted.  Two of the announcers won awards for their 2020 contributions.  Accidental leadership!

The differences of those who fight change and those who create change are unmasked now after 10 months of COVID.  The energy of these two expressive differences is tangible.  The naysayers and those wanting it to go back the way it was suck the aliveness of motivation out a room.  It feeds disconnection, while those inspired by change increase the motivation in the room and create connection.  These are qualities of experience that have been around for centuries!  That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is our lifestyle.  We shop online now for all our needs like  groceries, furniture and gifts forcing brick and mortar businesses to adopt to this new normal.  We order food and have it delivered versus going out to eat forcing restaurants to pivot.  We have stopped international travel and now explore our own country and communities.    Parents were forced to put their children first over their own careers, adventures and self care.  Rather than paying a community to support the parents lifestyle, the focus of attention has returned to the family unit.   Consider the changes you have made in your lifestyle?

When Dr. Bonnie Henry announced this week that, “… by summer we could all go back to normal if we took measures now, ” I had already reached my own tipping point of  being tolerant for these type of  statements.  Why?  It is never going back to the way it was.  There is a new normal now.  The question is, are we resilient to change?  Can we enjoy the journey or fight it?

The only way to change is action

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by Renee Lindstrom

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