Vitamins, Supplements, Medicinal’s & Food Sources in the yard!

In the late winter of 2016 I committed to take gardening to the next level.  I researched the properties of the weeds, plants and trees growing freely in my yard and on my block.  Since this commitment I have dried many types of leaves, stems, stalks, roots and flowers.  From these resources I have made plant infused oils, tinctures and tea mixes and from the oils; salves, creams and soaps.

Woman's Moon Tea

Woman’s Moon Flower Tea

Less than a year later I realized after a mullein leaf infused bath that I had used mullein oil in my hair , a mullein infused soap and  mullein oil on my skin.  As mullein is safe to ingest, I had drunk mullein tea before bathing!  One of the benefits I have discovered about mullein this year is its properties for soothing muscles and softening dense skin tissue.  It felt heavenly.  It is a completely differently feeling to have natural products on my skin that has grown in my garden and created in my kitchen.  I am discovering that the feeling is a sensual quality. What is missing is the chemical feeling of store-bought creams and conditioners!  Using homegrown and homemade recipes is now an experience to personally differentiate the differences of the two.

Bamboo in Renee's garden

Indocalamus Longiauritu Bamboo in Renee’s garden

This week the focus was on the bamboo my son and I planted four years ago. One of my favorite plants. I enjoy its appearance, its sound in the garden and that it contributes to cleaning our oxygen!  It is a sustainable and renewable resource.

I am astounded by the fact that bamboo has 10 times the amount of silica than horsetail and that I can pick new leaves to make my tea.  I love going into the garden to pick leaves and not spend money at the store to buy silica  based products!

Searching on-line for bamboo tea leaves and toxicity, I have found only benefits to humans and not found any reference to toxicity in tea leaves for humans. However there are references for it being dangerous to some animals.  If you have bamboo growing in your yard and have animals it would be wise to do some personal research!

I believe that if you pick and prepare your own medicinal’s and remedies  yourself the result is that your body can digest it better than a product that has gone through a process touched by many hands.  It is also fresher and right from the source without any preservatives.   The tea tastes great and research suggests that your body only takes the amount of silica it needs and eliminates the excess amount just like it does for Vitamin C!

Since discovering the benefits of bamboo tea I have enjoyed drinking a cup a day and explored it as an infusion in my bath and for my hair!  Loving it…….my hair has a shine I haven’t seen in a while!  

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