Through the difficulty of expressing to each other, there is always a celebration when you work towards learning how to connect

Feedback after a recent class designed for learning techniques to create empathic and loving  connections with our beloved  focused on developing trust, respect, mutuality and commitment:

We all agreed that your tools were timely, useful, and brought new hope of breaking new ground. I agree with your gentle advice that we not go too deep too quickly and that we recognize that naming feelings and needs is a basic skill we need to practice. We’ve all been stopping, checking in, and feeding back without as much emotion as before. So, that alone is worth the price of admission!

I commend you for your availability on such a short notice plea for help, and your professionalism, insight and patience with us all. I think this will be life changing for us at work and in our families and personal relationships.

Hearing this feedback is a celebration for all of us!

Don’t hesitate to connect if you long  to turn your and your beloved connection from hopelessness into hopefulness!

Learning Empathy and Communication Skills based upon Nonviolent Communication

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