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Intimacy ~ Art of Listening and the responsibility of the speaker

Listening changes when the space is created to feel supported by everyone in the group while, at the same time, hearing “new information on how to listen” and having the courage to participate in the guided practice suggestions without worrying about right and wrong ways of speaking.                                     Renee Lindstrom

There is joy in working with individuals committed to improving the intimacy in their relationships.  It is not the traditional sharing circle of going on and on about our stories and talking about it!  The learning comes through the experience of sharing in a precise pattern of speaking and listening to increase the potential of spontaneous vulnerability and freedom of speech.  There are no rituals, feathers, labels, conditions or talk therapy!

Our  learning time together become a unified experience of a series of planned practices designed to learn through the experience itself.  In the  closing  feedback  I hear unique and individual comments of learning that is coming from their own source of creative expression.  The tools have laid out a pattern for exploring deeper within and the awareness that is expressed is simple, intimate and beautiful.  It is easy for the ears of others to really take it in!  

The members of the group  now have a new memory experience to notice the differences of their interactions with their partner through the week until we met again.  Mission accomplished and we didn’t have to go on 3, 7 or 9 day  retreat, be healed or fixed, or hand ourselves over to any higher power or focus upon our conditions.   A set of intimacy tools that can be taught easily and be yours by your willingness to experience it.  

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Steps for when you hear “Hard to Hear Messages!, ” from your beloved:

1.  This week begin to make a conscious effort to notice your own inner response to hearing requests from your love partner.
2. Notice if you are enjoying how the requests are made and if not, what is coming up in you
3.  Do not hesitate to say to your partner,  Would you be willing to rephrase this question so that it is not about me.   I want to  hear what truly matters to you, yet when you make it about me, I cannot hear you in the way I would like to.
4.  Give yourself support in becoming present in these moments of receiving hard to hear messages.

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Through the difficulty of expressing to each other, there is always a celebration when you work towards learning how to connect

Feedback after a recent class designed for learning techniques to create empathic and loving  connections with our beloved  focused on developing trust, respect, mutuality and commitment:

We all agreed that your tools were timely, useful, and brought new hope of breaking new ground. I agree with your gentle advice that we not go too deep too quickly and that we recognize that naming feelings and needs is a basic skill we need to practice. We’ve all been stopping, checking in, and feeding back without as much emotion as before. So, that alone is worth the price of admission!

I commend you for your availability on such a short notice plea for help, and your professionalism, insight and patience with us all. I think this will be life changing for us at work and in our families and personal relationships.

Hearing this feedback is a celebration for all of us!

Don’t hesitate to connect if you long  to turn your and your beloved connection from hopelessness into hopefulness!

Learning Empathy and Communication Skills based upon Nonviolent Communication