Is it healing or evolving your after?

If you are looking to be healed you may be giving the up your responsibility for your health and well-being.    If however,  you are seeking change through learning you may be evolving and raising  your health potential.

How can you shift your consciousness into becoming an equal partner in your own wellness program?  How can you direct your own story?

Do you need a health diploma? Do you need a degree?  Do you need a PhD?  Do you need a scientific background?  No, No, No and No!

You can however seek the knowledge and experience of those with a health diploma, degree, PhD and have a scientific background.  Remember you are an equal partner in any interaction.  They DO NOT have your experience and you DO NOT know theirs.

How can you become more informed?  One of the best ways could be through listening to your own experience and to your questions without expecting a definitive answer.  Listening to the answer without your own expectation of totally accepting the answer as the last solution.  In other words remaining open to the possibilities and the potential and becoming your own authority without limiting your experience. If you want to evolve into higher health and well-being the process isn’t stagnant, it’s never complete.

How can you develop the skills to open to your experience and develop your own inner listening skills?

Through seeking personal development and discovering techniques that meet your needs for learning in all areas.  It’s not one or the other, it’s a balanced approach to support your whole living system.  Your community, your home, your body and your mind.  It’s your sustainability, your support, your past, your present and future.  It’s about you, your conscious awareness, your motivation and your intention and the story you want to live.

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