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A strong human value/need is to have choice and the power to make a decision between two or more possibilities.  A value-based empathetic language of compassion is one that acknowledges choice in dialogue.  It translates the mundane “have to” consciousness into one of recognition that this too is a choice and translates it into using different phrases that create open-ended choices.

The value of choice is one of human’s greatest needs

Life Area:  Autonomy

It is this need that could be the source of all moralistic judgments and passive and aggressive violence.  If there is no choice, the options are to fight or give in.  Imagine a moment what feelings arise for you when you consider not having a choice.  Do you sense a fight, flight or fright moment? Learning self-empathy steps and those for empathetic listening of others will shift those in the conversation into an experience of choice.

Practice your empathy skills this week. 

Values in a Contemporary Culture

A focus here at Inside has been on values (universal needs).  This has included systems of  integrating  and learning development.

Here is an article crosses  that was delivered at United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development.  It confirms my personal belief that values will shift a culture!  The article –  Values in the Contemporary World, by Nancy Roof, Ph.D.  Nancy is the founder of the award-winning Kosmos Journal: The Journal for World Citizens and Planetary Civilization, based on evolving interior development and cultural values as they impact globalization

Here is a paragraph from the article:

In times of integration we hear little about values. But our world is in the process of profound change. Societal disintegration and global integration are happening simultaneously. Managing these changes requires a new global vision of global interdependence, cultural diversity, and participatory decision-making. We must identify practical values that will work in the contemporary world, and provide the foundation for a better, kinder world.

For the Full Article  Read Values PDF  – Values in the Contemporary World, by Nancy Roof.