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Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for week of April 2nd

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week ten, Days 64 and 65:  Strength grows when we release ill-will, anger, and hate and replace it with an overflowing love for all ….

  • Days 64 and 65 – CELEBRATION (April 3 and 4)

Today is a day to celebrate all the work that you have done. Be proud of yourself for being willing to be the change you wish to see in the world. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Created for www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for Week of March 26th

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week nine, Days 57 to 63:  By practicing being peaceful, we become better citizens of the world.

  • Day 57 – SERVICE (March 27)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said,” Everybody can be great, because any body can serve. You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.”  Choose one thing you can do to help serve the world. How would you enjoy serving? Make a commitment today to give back to the world in your own unique way. Every little thing makes a difference. Serving others makes you feel good about yourself.

  • Day 58 – CITIZENSHIP (March 28)

How can you be a better citizen of your community? You belong to many communities…your family, school, church, and your town. How can you improve your community today? Think about ways you can bring more peace to your environment.

  • Day 59 – INTERVENTION (March 29)

Alcohol and drug abuse cause violence and are a consequence of violence.  We all know someone whose life is affected by some sort of addiction. What can you do to help one of these people in your life? Encourage them to love themselves enough to reach out for help. Support them through this difficult time, and help them find the help they need.

  • Day 60 – WITNESSING (March 30)

Those who practice nonviolence look at injustice and think, “It is possible for this situation to be different.”  When you see injustice, what can you do to bring about a peaceful change? How can you stand up for peace in your life?

  • Day 61 – PEACE (March 31)

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote,” Practice watering seeds of joy and peace and not just seeds of anger and violence, and the elements of war in all of us will be transformed.” If you focus on peace, joy, and love in your life, you will experience more of that. But if your mind is filled with negativity, it is hard to experience the good in life.

  • Day 62 – COMMITMENT (April 1)

Take a moment to think of your commitment to nnonviolence. Are you willing to commit to a nonviolent lifestyle? What are you willing to change about yourself? Get with a partner and talk about this.

  • Day 63 – RELEASE (April 2)

Today, look back on how far we have come during this 64 daily practices of nonviolence. Make a list of what you need to release in order to be a nonviolent person. Is it your temper, your impatience, your judgmental attitude? Know that you always have a choice, and you can let go of things that do not serve you anymore. You can take your list and burn it, if you’d like. Release what is no longer serving you, and make new commitments to yourself to be more peaceful and loving. Know that you truly make a difference in the world.

Created for www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for Week of March 19th

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week eight, Days  50 to 56:  Nonviolence challenges us to stand for Truth and take action that honors every human being.

  • Day 50 – CHOICE (March 20)

You have the option to choose a path of violence or nonviolence. We are always at choice in our lives. Today, choose nonviolence.

  • Day 51 – ADVOCACY (March 21)

“Every action for peace requires someone to exhibit the courage to challenge violence and inspire love,” said Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh. How can you advocate for a better world today?

  • Day 52 – EQUALITY (March 22)

“Unity among every living thing.” Today, try to view everyone through loving, non-judgmental eyes. See them as though they are your own brothers and sisters.

  • Day 53 – ACTION (March 23)

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,” said Gandhi. Today, you have the choice between positive and negative action. Choose the most positive actions for the universe.

  • Day 54 – GIVING (March 24)

Giving and receiving go hand in hand. The more you give, the more you receive. Practice giving with no thought of return. Notice how people who never give to others, never receive from others. When you shut down your ability to give, you also shut down your ability to receive. Practice this and notice how your life changes for the better.  Give of your time, your energy, your material possessions, or just give love and support.

  • Day 55 – RESPONSIBILITY (March 25)

Take responsibility for your actions today. The quality of our world depends on you. What can you do today to better the world or even just your own environment? Think of ways you can be more responsible for helping your community, family, or your friends.

  • Day 56 – SELF-SUFFICIENCY (March 26)

Think about what you want to do for a living. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want to have? How do you want to feel? What steps do you need to take to get to your goals? How can you become self-sufficient?

Created for www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for week of March 12th

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week seven – Days 43 to 49:  We can see and understand another person whether or not we agree with them.

  • Day 43 – UNIQUENESS (March 13)

How are you unique? What makes you different from your family? Your friends? Today, focus on your own beautiful uniqueness. Don’t judge yourself for your differences. Celebrate them.

  • Day 44 – COOPERATION (March 14)

When we work together we are stronger than when we work alone. What are some things you can do with others around you to make the world more peaceful?

  • Day 45—MASTERY (March 15)

To practice nonviolence, you must learn to master your anger. If you find yourself angry, use positive thoughts and count backwards, from 10 through one, to calm yourself. If you do this when you become angry, you will achieve mastery over your emotions.

  • Day 46 – COMPASSION (March 16)

Mother Theresa said, “Find someone who thinks he is alone, and let him know that he is not.” Today, offer your support to someone who needs it. Remember that everyone you meet goes through difficult things in their life. We all need love and support. Be that compassionate person today, and when you need compassion, people will be there to support you too. We must give compassion and love in order to receive it.

  • Day 47 – DISARMAMENT (March 17)

“…Nothing to kill or die for…Imagine all the people living life in peace…”- John Lennon. Talk to a random person today about what life would be like without weapons or war.

  • Day 48 – ECOLOGY (March 18)

Today, value the earth by recycling and using recycled products. Don’t just think for today. Think about what your world will be like for your grandchildren’s grandchildren and beyond that. It is our responsibility to heal this planet. We all deserve to have clean air, clean water, and a healthy food supply. Today, make a vow to stop contributing to the destruction of the planet. Do all you can and encourage others as well. If we want the world to change for the better, we must change it

  • Day 49 – HONOR (March 19)

 Honour the  people in your life who have loved and supported you through your hardest times, and those who will come to follow.

Created for www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for week of Feb 13th

64 Ways in 64 Days – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Week three, Days 15 to 21:  Being kind to ourselves can soon be turned into a practice of peacefulness toward others. Try it.

  • Day 15 – REVERENCE (Feb. 13)

Did you ever see something that took your breath away? Today we focus on how beautiful our world is, and how beautiful we are. Let’s not focus on the negative.

  • Day 16 – GRATITUDE (Feb. 14)

Life is a gift. Give thanks to the people and situations in your life. Make a list of all you are grateful for.

  • Day 17 – INTEGRITY (Feb. 15)

Integrity is doing what you know is right, even if no one is around. Having integrity makes you feel better about yourself, because you always do what you know is right. Think of a time when you had integrity, and think of a time when you wish you had.

  • Day 18 – FREEDOM (Feb. 16)

Bishop Desmond Tutu once said, “When people decide to be free, there is nothing that can stop them.” Today let yourself be who you are and don’t allow anyone to influence you differently.

  • Day 19 – ACCEPTANCE (Feb. 17)

Today is a day to accept yourself just as you are. You are on this planet to do something no one has ever done before. Try your best to accept and approve of yourself and others. Let go of the need to judge. Know that everything in your life is unfolding perfectly.

  • Day 20 – SELF-FORGIVENESS (Feb. 18)

You are greater than any mistake you have ever made. What are some of the things you have done to upset yourself? If you think it would help, write an apology letter to yourself for everything you have ever done that you wish you hadn’t. When you are done, take the letter outside, and burn it. As you watch it go up in flames, consciously release your guilt and frustration with yourself, and know that you are forgiven.

  • Day 21 – INSPIRATION (Feb. 19)

Think about somebody who inspires you to be a better person. What are some of the things they do? Think of ways that you can inspire others in your life. How can you lead by example and be an inspiration to others?

Created for http://www.agnt.org and Season for Nonviolence – 2007 by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

Season for Peace and Nonviolence – Teens Daily Value Practice for Week of Jan 30th

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness, Living in Natures Love Blog & Renee Lindstrom Live

Gandhi, King, Gyatso Season for Nonviolence – 64 Ways in 64 Days Value Practice for Teens

The Season for Nonviolence was created by Arun Gandhi, Mohandas Gandhi’s grandson in 1998.  It is a yearly celebration for cultivating peace that begins April 30th and ends on April 4th – read more

Since 2011 Renee at Inside Awareness has shared tips call 64 Ways in 64 Days for personal observation to support this campaign in her own community.  In these past nine years the focus of the tips has had a focus for adults or for children.  These have included value practice, exercises and quotes.  Follow quotes on face-book.

Week One, Days 1 to 7:  Nonviolence begins with learning how to be more compassionate towards ourselves. We speak and act with respect, honor, and reverence for our own being.

  • Day 1 – COURAGE (Jan. 30)

Courage is the ability to do what is in your heart. Today, really listen to what is in your heart. It takes courage to be nonviolent.

  • Day 2 – SMILING (Jan. 31)

Smiling is a way to establish a heart to heart connection and to create a peaceful outlook. Smile from the heart.  Today, smile and make eye contact with at least 5 people. Notice how people respond to you.

  • Day 3 – APPRECIATION (Feb. 1)

Author Louise Hay says, “Praise yourself as much as you can. The love in our lives begins with us…loving
yourself will help heal our planet.” Today, focus on appreciating the good qualities in yourself and others.

  • Day 4 – CARING (Feb. 2)

To truly care for others, you must first truly care for yourself. Today, think of ways you can better care for
yourself. Practice at least one of those ideas today.

  • Day 5 – BELIEVING (Feb. 3)

Peace is a possibility. Believing in that possibility can make it happen. Keep peace in mind.

  • Day 6 — SIMPLICITY (Feb. 4)

Drama makes our lives more complicated. Think of ways to free your self from drama. Practice one today.

  • Day 7 – EDUCATION (Feb. 5)

War is born from ignorance. Today, try and learn something new.

Created for www.agnt.org – Season for Nonviolence – 2007 – by Greater Dallas Task Force – www.64-days.org

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