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“Living your confidence balanced with empathy” in relationships and redefining ego

It takes courage to be heart-centered, confident and self-assured.  It also takes courage to live from this point of independence.

Experiencing any beauty in your relationships begins with your behavioral  patterns and how much inner-confidence and independence you feel balanced together with your ability for being self-assuring.

You may seek change by changing the way you look through diet, clothes, fitness  and re-designing your surroundings.  Do these last when you are affected by your relationships!  What is the first thing you reach for when you have a disagreement or are bored?  

What would your personal goal success rate be by starting with inner change support, so what you show on the outside is coming from the inside?

Inside Awareness Methods focus upon seven steps for personal success.  They are integrated into Renee’s coaching and teaching experiences.  Whether you are looking for transformation in your relationships or increasing your  movement abilities,  following these simple steps change how you experience yourself.


  1. Commitment
  2. Intention
  3. Grounding
  4. Practice
  5. Integration
  6. Learning
  7. Conscious Habitual Patterns
If your “search” for change has deepened into a “longing” for change it is time to take grounded and supportive action to make it happen.  Find out more about each one of the these steps by joining Renee at one of her events or by making a direct inquiry.  Email her at renee(at)insideawareness(dot)com or call her at (two, five, zero) three-six-one-seven-five-zero-eight.